Writing Is Serious Business. Not Doing It Can Cost You Money!

For the sake of those who may be misled, I feel obligated to write this piece. Especially after reading this status post by Mike, a Facebook friend. In a recent facebook wall post, he noted the comment made by a certain associate of his, about the usefulness (or lack thereof) of “writing”. Hmm???


People in developed societies our people often scramble to “copy”, often wonder why we never copy the really important things e.g. the “know-how”!

That’s why one of them once said:

“If you want to hide something from a (…..) man, put it in a book”

Despite the outrage some of us readily express when the above phrase is quoted, our attitude to life often confirms its accuracy.

How ironic!

Ever Wondered Why Richard Branson – a Word Class Billionaire Entrepreneur – Writes …Regularly?

The man who has bills to pay fails to notice billionaire Virgin brand promoter – Richard Branson.

Despite being too rich to run out of money, Branson STILL writes articles that get widely syndicated – and read – by smart business persons.

Understand that Branson is not doing it because he just wants to be a nice guy.

He KNOWS it’s an effective way to achieve what is called zero cost TIMELESS marketing.

The mentality that keeps many of us from doing intelligent, results-focused writing, is what makes us continue to believe in manual labour…in sweating, in using “muscles” (brawn instead of brains) and…in piling papers on desks to show we’re “working”!

In contrast, people in developed economies, focus on setting up systems to get more work done, with LESS effort, in LESS time, and using much less MONEY.

No wonder they successfully get us, as a people, to buy their franchises, and sell to ourselves…LOL!

If you still don’t get it – ask yourself:

Where does Wole Soyinka get money to feed, clothe and live well?

Or has anyone seen him running a business centre or restaurant to make money????

We all know he has not worked in public service. So he gets NO pay from that end.

Most people do NOT know this…

But from the day a person becomes a Nobel Laureate, his/her written works often become recommended text across the world’s learning organizations.

Do you know how much that comes to in terms of royalties….in dollars most times…for ONE man??

Chinua Achebe was not a Nobel Laureate. But his first book alone (i.e. Things Fall Apart) sold millions from way back when we were kids.

Today it’s still selling.

I hope those who don’t get what “intelligent” writing can do realize that even now, as I type these words, royalty checks still arrive for that book’s sales!

Let’s return to the business plane.

I ask: How can a 21st century business owner say he is too busy trying to get bills paid, to write?

Does he not understand that “Writing is now used for low cost, high mileage and impact marketing“?

The world’s smartest professionals in various fields (including LAW and REAL ESTATE) do it.

Yet some, in Nigeria, cling to stone-age ideas about business marketing.

There is something called Cost of Customer Acquisition (COCA).

And because of the growth of PC and Internet technology, it has become even more important to CALCULATE it.

1. How much do you spend on newspaper adverts?

2. How do you measure the return on THAT investment?

3. How many people buy from you as a result of that “advert” before you have to pay for another?

4. How can you be sure that’s the best way to reach your audience?

5. Should you not be looking to use a COMBINATION of techniques that will let you win more sales at LESS cost.

6. Is that not going to give you MORE profit i.e. higher margins?

7. And when that happens, will it not put you in a better position to pay your bills????

If you STILL struggle to understand why I argue that you can – and should – aim to spend LESS to get more buyers, you need to read my 3 part series titled:

Why You Need a Web Marketing System (WMS)

Whenever I hear someone say he’s too busy trying to make money, to write, 2 things strike me. Neither is good (for him/her):

1. Either the person cuts corners to make money in the business s/he does, and so really has no reason to look for smarter ways to do business…or

2. S/he is too lazy upstairs to think up topics to write, and to put in the effort to do the needed writing

I say this because, all over the world today, we hear of traditional print media organizations moving more online. Brick and mortar stores are doing the same thing.

And it’s simple common sense.

No company can win a war against the advancement of the digital age.

It is the future, which is now becoming our present day reality – across the world!

Some business people in Africa continue to delude themselves ,that it’s too early to use the web in the same way.

I sell my products and services by using writing as my main marketing instrument. To refuse to accept this new way is to deny yourself useful opportunity for growth.

Even worse, you miss out on the opportunity to become a leader in your market, even if you’re smaller than other players.


Because the web is the greatest leveler so far known to mankind.

A one man business, can make him/herself look more credible, and so sell MORE, than a much bigger company using the web.

What makes this possible is the fact that the web can be harnessed – on a SHOE STRING budget – to achieve such powerful business outcomes.

Here’s my advice to any who are unable to wrap their minds around this concept, to make profitable use of it:

Go and LEARN how to use your “intelligent writing” as a high impact and LOW COST business marketing tool.

Start by “googling” that phrase!

If you wish, you can contact me. I offer a coaching/support service – for persons who want to learn how to use writing the way I do: to promote products and services at low to zero cost.

Writing Can Be Lucrative, IF You Know Where to Go

Some people even say writing does not reward one adequately on earth.

Bible believers often read the phrase “My people perish for a lack of knowledge. “

Never has it been more apt than in this matter being discussed here!

I find it saddening that people refuse to get off their butts and investigate what the world offers.

NB: Another problem with “us”. We do not like things that take too long to work. We want quick, easy, if possible instant results. Writing is not for people with such “short cut mentalities”.

So, it may be tough for people from our part of the world to break into it, but it’s doable.

I now offer verifiable information anyone can review – below.

1. Writing Research Papers/Publications for Pay

The research paper I’ve been commissioned to write on “Using ICT for Feed Formulation” has payment attached to it.

The organization based in the Netherlands, that made the “Call for Papers” has already sent me the contract and an invoice template to fill my domiciliary bank account details in.

Once the paper is accepted, the 2,500 EUROS payment will be made to the account. 

You do the math.

It may interest you to know that such “Call for paper” events are not one off.

They happen regularly – but it depends on what field you’re in.

My Professor friend knew my work would appeal to the organizers of this contest, so he sent me the papers. I sent my proposal in; they accepted it, and told me to write the full paper and submit.

[Update 21st Dec. 2015: I forgot to return and note here that I got paid in December 2013 – read this article for details: PDF Agribusiness Research Paper] Adoption of PC-Based Feed Formulation Methods by Farmers, Feed Manufacturers and Extension Professionals, in South West Nigeria – Complete my Questionnaire Survey & Download FREE PDF Copy.]

Apart from the above, I, as a non-academic, also earn passive income (click here to see screenshots of royalty payments), from sales of works written years ago, via my online store at www.lulu.com/sdaproducts.

2. Smart Businesses Use “Intelligent Writing” for High Impact Marketing

It is my regular article marketing, which has gotten hundreds of people to contact me about my products and services.

And that regular writing also got me the above mentioned opportunity, to write a research paper for such hefty payment.

My professor friend in a South African university was aware of my feed formulation handbook and software for farmers.

It was he who informed me of the “Call for papers.

And he also proposed co-authoring it with me.

Now, apart from the fact that we knew each other, my writing (which gives me massive visibility in Google – see screen shot below), also convinced him.

My regular article writing gives me useful Google visibility

But he’s not the only one.

A female researcher in another South African university contacted via email, last week, while I was still in Nigeria.

We went on to speak for 30 minutes on Skype.

She excitedly told me how impressed she was with my useful write-ups on farm business.

Among other things, she told me international conference organizers would want to have me speak at their event – and would cover my expenses.

That same day she subscribed to my newsletter mailing list.

Maybe one day, she’ll convince herself to buy my feed formulation software :-))

I’ve had other conversations with prospects from Canada, Tanzania (see screen shot below), and even a Nigerian based in Saudi Arabia. All of them have since purchased my feed formulation software and/or handbook.

I’ve had conversations with prospects from Canada, Tanzania (see screenshot below) and a Niegrian based in Saudi Arabia - all of who purchased my feed formulation software and/or handbook.

NB: In this article I expained major challenges I’ve had trying to setup reliable payment oprocessing on my website. For now, I’m forced to improvise, as shown above.

Yet it only cost me the effort to write the many articles these people found in Google, and followed to my You tube videos, website, and/or blog!

That’s what article marketing, done using “intelligent writing”, makes possible.

It’s a habit that EVERY smart-thinking, results-focused, modern day business owner should develop!

2. Profitable Freelance Writing Is Possible (Hint: A 19 year Old Nigerian Based in Ibadan, Nigeria, Who Earns 5 Figures Monthly in US Dollars!)

Many freelance writing opportunities exist for serious minded persons with integrity.

Most of them however remain difficult to access for people from our part of the world – because people who offer them are scared of getting cheated e.g. they pay and get no write-ups delivered to them.

Too often WE expect “success” to be “noisy”: We are so addicted to the entertainment industry’s kind of success.

If you are successful, people should know you. If you have money, people should see it.

Really? Says who??

We forget that Warren Buffet, despite being in the top leagues of the world’s billionaires, still lives a relatively simple and quiet life.

We are told he still drives the same car he first owned, and has lived in the same house for over 3 decades.

Does that stop him being one of the the worlds richest people.


But if he walked past many of us in the streets today, it’s likely we would not even give him a second look.

Same applies to the late Steve Jobs!

…as it does to a record setting teenage Nigerian I now talk about…

Bamidele Onibalusi‘s Accomplishments Put to Shame Any Doubting Thomas!

At 19 years old, he is a well recognized online celebrity based in IBADAN.

He earns five figures in US dollars monthly!

And today he has up to 7 people in his employ, writing for his website.

Get this: He’s been featured on Forbes.com, among other high profile websites and blogs.

I’ve been screaming about him since last year here, and here, and most recently, here

At a point, I even posted about this young man on Goodluck Jonathan’s facebook page.

I don’t know if the above had anything to do with it, but he’s since been interviewed by Nigeria’s Guardian newspaper.

Plus, I recently came across this comprehensive interview of Oni, done by the respected Digital Journal.

I Mentioned Oni as Guest Speaker, in May 2012, at Yaba College of Technology’s Centre for Entrepreneurship Development.

I told graduating students of entrepreneurship in the packed hall to visit Oni’s website.

This was to challenge them to see what was possible, if they put their minds to productive use – WITH PERSISTENCE.

Hopefully some of them did. And hopefully they now know anything is possible.

That guy is making waves from the ancient city of I-B-A-D-A-N!

3. Financially Rewarding Writing Contests Also Exist

On a final note, every year there are writing contests in various genres.

Cash prizes range from $100 to as much as $3,000 possibly more.

A number reward the top 3 or more “winning entries”.

Virtually all of them allow – indeed require (for anonymity/fairness) – online submission.

And many actually allow writers from any part of the world to enter.

Sometimes the works will be fiction. But non-fiction entries can also get called for. You just need to know where to find such opportunities.

Many organizers make it clear you need not be a previously published author to send your work in for consideration.

I actually have four(4) such contests I’m aiming to submit entries to, between now and February 2014.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” …said Albert Einstein.

Einstein was right.

Sometimes I just don’t understand how we let our traditional schooling “mind set” keep us from maximizing our abilities!

The day we start letting our brains do what God created them for (i.e. to IMAGINE!), we will actualize our full potentials like people in developed societies.

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