[RECOMMENDED] The rise of self-education and individual investment

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!The message contained in the article previewed/linked below, WILL resonate strongly with ANY person who has reflected deeply on the inadequacies of our conventional education systems – in meeting rapidly changing, technology driven educational needs of today’s “learners”. If the society refuses […]

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PII 079: Farmers’ Attitude Towards Involvement of Farmers’ Organizations In Provision of Extension Services [RESEARCH PROJECT]*

Tayo Solagbade’s Performance Improvement IDEAS (PI Squared) Newsletter Monday 14th August 2017 NB: This PI Squared newsletter will be published weekly, on Mondays, in place of the Speaking/Web Marketing IDEAS newsletter, starting from today – 15th February 2016. I’m reinventing my Monday newsletter content and theme, to accommodate my vision of serving the growing audience of serious minded individuals and […]

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[EXCEL HEAVEN VIDEO] Part 5 – How I Built My Automated Cash Book/Bank Reconciliation Software” [Inserting AMOUNT TOTAL Formulas to Add Cost Center Entries In EXPENSE SECTION of the Imprest Cash Book]

I couldn’t broadcast this tutorial last week to Excel Heaven club members due to the crazy connectivity crisis I had to battle with…Even now, I am proceeding with caution in using the “alternative” platform I’ve adopted for doing my online work lol! Below are excerpts from the email I just sent to club members. Click […]

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The FARM CEO (Issue 90): Agricultural Prosperity In Dry Africa – by Prof. Dov Pasternak [PDF Download]

This issue of The Farm CEO should have gone out last week, but the connectivity crisis I experienced over the weekend made it impossible. No need for details. What matters is that I’ve now found a solution that (seems to) work(s). This week, I offer download access to a wonderfully loaded 98 page PDF publication […]

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Be A Prudent Buyer – Use This Simple Return On Investment Analysis

Below are excerpts – and a screen shot image – from a document I often employed pre-2012 (when I still did lots of pavement pounding, working face to face with clients) to show a prospective client measurable benefits s/he stood to gain by investing in solutions I offered – especially Web Marketing Systems development. Even […]

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Web Marketing Guide Notes to a Real Estate Web Marketing Client [Hint: What You Know Matters – But Not As Much As What You Need to Learn]

The ideas I advocate for adoption regarding use of a Web Marketing System (WMS) to cost-effectively generate sales leads WORK – though not overnight. That’s why over a decade after I conceived it, not only am I succeeding in using it to boost my name/brand recognition (and sales) – but I’m also helping clients use […]

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[2016 TEDx VIDEO] To Truly Succeed, Black Women Need to Wear Their Natural Hair! -Verbatim Text Transcript of presentation by Cheyenne Cochrane, an Ambassador for the Natural Hair Movement

“In a time of racial and social tension, embracing this movement, and others like this, help us to rise above the confines of the status quo. So when you see a woman with braids or locks, draping down her back, or you notice your colleague who has stopped straightening her hair to work, do not […]

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Know What Your Kids Do On Social Media to Avoid Nasty Surprises

It’s 8:35 p.m as I type this. Do you know where your kids are right now – tonight? Do you know where they’ve been today i.e. since the day began in the morning? More importantly: Do you know what exactly they’ve been DOING and SAYING? There are parents who cannot confidently answer the above questions […]

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PII 078: [Farm Business Success] Required Role of 21st Century Farm Business Support Experts

  [TIP: This piece articulates my views – using real life examples from my experiences – on how today’s farm business support experts need to play their roles if they are to TRULY help their clients truly achieve growth and profitability] A well written business plan or feasibility study CANNOT guarantee you success in farm business. […]

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NOW BACK ON YOUTUBE [Watch Part 1 of 3] What is a BOPMS™ for Profitable Farm Improvement? (Mind Map Explanation By Tayo Solagbade)

FYI = This is actually a re-RECORDING to replace the original version published about 4 years ago, that (strangely) became “Not Found” here in my Youtube channel.### This 5 minute presentation is Part 1 of 3. Fill/submit the form at www.tayosolagbade.com/pfmgr.html to request Parts 2 and 3. A Best Operating Process Management System (BOPMS)™ comprises […]

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