PII110: People Will Gladly Pay to BE SERVED by YOU [Get My Help to Monetize Your Expertise by Creating Cash Flow Generating Assets Branded For You]

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Your wealth of knowledge, insights, experience can be monetized to offer a RESOURCE of some sort for persons looking for a reliable solution provider.  For instance, I create and sell the following range of Cash Flow Generating Assets.to people […]

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Bayo Adeyinka Shares his Frustration from Interviewing 50 “Graduates” of Nigerian Tertiary Institutions |Femi Ogedengbe – Nollywood Actor Turned Security Guard in USA Identifies Types Of Nigerian Leaders & Followers Responsible for Her Retrogression

This post’s message is in line with the theme of my last few posts of the failure of the formal schooling system – especially in Nigeria – to prepare learners to arrive society with real world relevant competence that ensures they can fend for themselves. The most recent being yesterday’s post about the meeting I […]

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TRUE STORY: An Invitation from The Ministry of Youth and Social Development to Discuss My Paper Titled “Schooling Is a Means to an End and NOT an End In Itself”

Two 2 days ago (on Wednesday 14th March 2018) I got a call from the Ministry of Youth and Social Development. The lady asked “Is this Mr. Tayo Solagbade?”. I replied that it was. She then went on to say they had received and read a cover letter and the 62 page version of my […]

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PII109: Discover Business Opportunities in Cotonou – FREE Market Entry Support Service from www.discovercotonou.com

If you are like a growing number looking for business opportunities in Cotonou (who have reached out to me since I began writing – in April 2013 – about my experiences as I shuttled the Lagos-Cotonou axis), this article will interest you. Entering a new market requires careful planning and research SCROLL DOWN TO READ THE […]

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Hurry Merchants With Get-Rich-Quick Mentalities Cannot Use a Web Marketing System (WMS) Successfully

In this article, I explain why people looking for quick-results-with-minimal-effort in their business marketing are unlikely to find my Web Marketing System (WMS) suited to their needs. I am unapologetic in telling anyone who asks me what s/he stands to gain by adopting my WMS, that s/he can look forward at the start to a […]

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PII108: Why I Do NOT Want My Kids to Get the Same Formal Schooling I Got [PDF Report]

In December 2001, I quit my job to build and sell ExcelVB software as a business, and today, I am getting increasing recognition for it. Many IT graduates from places like NIIT have repeatedly reached out to me, to ask how they could also make money using their skills. They know how to code, but […]

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[RECOMMENDED] How Schools Are Killing Creativity – by Line Dalile, 14-year-old student and writer @ huffingtonpost dot com

This 14 year old lady hit the nail right on its head with this piece about how conventional schools are killing creativity. Every parent should read her article shared here to understand why YOU need to take action to CHANGE the traditional schooling that you’re letting your kids gets exposed to. It WILL DO THEM […]

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PII107: You Need to Forget NaySayers, Ignore Doubts to Achieve Your Dreams: DiscoverCotonou.com Secures Space for Office/Travel Shop in Nigeria’s Lagos

Last week I had a meeting with my first official partner for DiscoverCotonou.com. He has known me for about 6 years now, and has seen me grow my brand (from Spontaneousdevelopment.com to TayoSolagbade.com) to what it is now – from almost nothing when we first met as total strangers. Little wonder that when I proposed […]

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[DVAM NEWS UPDATE – FEATURE STORY] Man Reports Female Partner for Domestic Violence BUT Gets NAMED the Abuser, based on Lies & Edited Video Cooked Up by His Partner!

When Ade had first visited that office, a female officer of the agency has loudly stated, in a surprised tone, that Ade would be the very first man she would ever encounter coming for their help. To her, it was something that seemed almost impossible. The letter in her hand however suggested otherwise. DOWNLOAD THE […]

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