Protected: The FARM CEO (Issue 97) – A Globally Renowned Farm In Africa Where Fertilizer Is Not Needed

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Fact Sheet 3 of 4: Feeding Pigs Cheaply (FPC)™ – Tested Low Cost Alternative Feeding Ideas

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!This is the 3rd installment of my Feeding Pigs Cheaply (FPC)™ series, that I’m sending out via email to clients who signed up. In this edition, I highlight traditional and non traditional materials used to feed pigs kept in confinement […]

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TRUE STORY: 8 Year Old Girl’s Backyard Snails Lay Eggs [Photos/Video: Snail Farming Micro-Business Startup Experience Sharing Series]

So this morning (Tue 17th Oct 2017), few minutes after opening up her small snail pen housing her 21 snails that have been in her care since August 2017 , my 8 year old daughter rushes to excitedly inform me that she’s seen eggs laid by one of them. Below: Photo of snails (next to […]

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PII 088: To Succeed, an Entrepreneur Needs to Know Some Friends and Relatives May NOT Be On Her Side

I state truths that many will find uncomfortable in this piece. But they need to be said, because they are based on realities of life. Bob Marley, the late Reggae music legend saw enough of it, to sing about it in his song “Who the cap fit”. So I know I’m in good company as […]

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The FARM CEO (Issue 96) – FEEDING SNAILS: Researchers Discover Moringa Can Do It Better & Cheaper!

If you’re interested in Commercial Snail Farming (like I am – due to my daughter’s passion for it – and the interest of some of my Farm CEO clients), then you’ll want to read this: This amazing Moringa plant continues to prove itself to be a true all-purpose plant. This time around, it’s showing researchers looking […]

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[RECOMMENDED] DIY Africa: Empowering a new Sierra Leone – Kelvin Doe, Self-Taught Engineering Teenage Whiz From Sierra Leone, Wows MIT Experts (VIDEO) – As seen on CNN, HuffingtonPost, Wikipedia etc

In this special edition of my RECOMMENDED blog post series, I feature previews from high profile news reports about a young African’s amazing achievements – from when he was 13 years old – of using 100% self-taught engineering skills to innovate and invent PRACTICAL solutions to everyday problems in his own community. His accomplishments have […]

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Feeding Pigs Cheaply Series – PART 2 [Fact Sheet titled “Making Nutritious Silage From Sweet Potato Vines” – STEPS To Follow]

Below are excerpts from an email update I just sent to clients who signed up for my series on “Feeding Pigs Cheaply”. TIP: Get Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and 4 in the FULL series, with MP3 Audio for N5k. Fill/submit the form on the page linked here (click now), to request your copies. Hi, Find […]

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Get My Massive Compilation of Snail Farming Biz Startup Guides + Experience Sharing Support to Start YOUR Own Pilot Scale Trial [True Story; How my 8 Year Old Daughter’s Passion for Snail Rearing Opened My Eyes to The Huge Potential Of Snail Farming Business!]

Since the start of October 2017, I’ve been calling and telling EACH of my Farm CEO clients that s/he can successfully generate USEFUL ADDITIONAL income, for the long term, by running a snail rearing entreprise based on his/her farm’s existing overheads! And I owe my newly acquired insights to my 8 year old daughter’s passion which opened […]

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PII 087: Why Farm CEOs Need Multiple Streams of Income to Succeed

If you’re a Farm CEO, or know someone who is, the ideas I share in this piece will interest – and can benefit – you (as well as him/her). FACT: You’re in Business to Make Money Profitably With a few possible (odd!) exceptions, more  or less everyone starts a business to make money. However, making sales […]

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[RECOMMENDED] Magufuli’s Salary One of Africa’s Lowest, If Not World!

I invite you to read about the simple commonsense based approach to dealing with corruption by starting from the HEAD, that this wonderful African leader is using. Other African leaders, if they get their egos out of the way, need to take a cue from this great man! Magufuli’s Salary One of Africa’s Lowest, If Not […]

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