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[DVAM NEWS UPDATE – FEATURE STORY] Man Reports Female Partner for Domestic Violence BUT Gets NAMED the Abuser, based on Lies & Edited Video Cooked Up by His Partner!

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!When Ade had first visited that office, a female officer of the agency has loudly stated, in a surprised tone, that Ade would be the very first man she would ever encounter coming for their help. To her, it was […]

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PII106: [True Client Story] Smart Web Marketing Will Boost Your Reputation and Cement Your Credibility

Nothing beats getting feedback from a client that the solution you developed/implemented for him is not only working, but that s/he is making smart use of it to get more done with less time, effort, money and resources! Every now and then I get such feedback from my clients and it’s a really good feeling. […]

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Powerful Strategy for Making Money from FREE Talks You Give [NO, It’s Not Back Room Sales]

I use what I call a “Public Speaking for Business Marketing” (PSBM) to cost-effectively boost my name and brand recognition in my target market place. This involves looking out for and/or creating speaking opportunities in which I share my knowledge and expertise to a niche audience of experts interested in the solutions I offer. Most […]

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Use a Web Marketing System to Create a RELIABLE Stream of High Quality Sales Leads of Pre-Qualified Prospects, That You Eventually Convert to Buyers [True Story: New Member of Tayo Solagbade’s Excel Heaven Visual Basic Automation Club Joins from Kenya’s Nairobi]

“No matter how difficult the socioeconomic environment of your primary target market is, smart web marketing know-how like the one I possess, and which I use to support my clients (via a customizable Web Marketing System) CAN, over time, be successfully leveraged to generate a RELIABLE stream of high quality sales leads of pre-qualified prospects, […]

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PII 105: To Achieve Greater Success, Offer to Speak Online – and Especially Offline [True Story: The First Speaking Invitation I’ve Accepted for 2018]

This week’s issue of my Performance Improvement Ideas (PII) newsletter, I feature a preview and link to a Speaker ONE Sheet from 2015, which announces my FREE 1 hour talk titled “Attract Profitable Buyers at Zero Cost…Even While YOU Sleep “ One evening on Tuesday 3rd March, I arrived the office of a multidisciplinary client company in Cotonou, […]

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PII 104: Not Every Client Opportunity Will be Good for You [True Story: The Speaking Invitation I Turned Down in 2017]

Late last year, between August and October 2018, I had a series of email and phone conversations (see screenshot below) with decision makers /representatives of a national livestock farmers association. They had reached out to me based on a paper flier one of them had received from me at an Agricultural conference I’d attended 2 […]

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To Sell More, You Need More Sales Inquiries and Conversations: A Smart Web Marketing System Can Deliver That – Even While You Sleep!

Above: Screenshot image of an email message (see text below) that I received early this morning, Saturday 3rd Feb 2018, from a Kenya based expert, regarding the Excel-VB Automation Coaching I offer. ===Starts=== “Hi Tayo, I happened to have bumped into one of your YouTube videos and found it amazing.Am interesting on learning how to […]

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PII 103: One Travel Accessory You Should NOT Travel Without [Read THIS to Get IT FREE]

Travel accessories are a key requirement for problem free trips. If you leave home without some essential ones, your trip may end up being more of a nightmare – especially if you’re unable to find a good replacement. A good example is your phone charger.  But…an even better example is your… SCROLL DOWN TO READ […]

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Master Salesmen Use Smart Ideas to Sell. Ordinary Salesmen Don’t! [TIP: Be a Master Salesman – Experience Based Ideas from a Master Salesman]!

“All master salesmen know that ideas can be sold where merchandise cannot. Ordinary salesmen do not know this – that is why they are ‘ordinary’.” – Napoleon Hill Way back in 2002, when I read the above words in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, I resolved to do ALL in my power to become […]

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