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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Visit Tayo Solagbade’s Performance Improvement Bookstore Order Tayo’s Self-Development Bible – as well as his popular Practical Livestock Feed Formulation Handbook, 25 Articles & True Stories Ebook, Speaking Ideas: 25 Articles and True Stories for Experts Who Speak and Those […]

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[RECOMMENDED] Is Your Child Learning For School Or For Life?

By Tayo Solagbade | Submitted On June 11, 2008 “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write. They will be those who cannot learn, unlearn or re-learn.” – Alain Tofle Preamble Many people today, who have undergone formal schooling, do not have life survival skills, having only acquired learning […]

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PII 096 [AUDIO]: Money Making Skills Cannot be Acquired by Reading a Book!

In this audio podcast version of my weekly Performance Improvement Ideas newsletter, I discuss the subject of money making, with regard to the deficiency of formal conventional schooling systems in giving learners the know-how to do IT. Among other issues, I highlight the fact that conventional learning institutions in our societies continue to focus excessively on book based […]

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PII 095: Transform Your Child Into a Money Making Machine Who NEVER Needs a 9 to 5 Job!

This post features photos of 2 different sized batches of snails put up for sale in a popular Ikeja-Lagos side street market. The bigger ones (see below) sell for N2, 000.0 for a set of 4. In other words, one goes for about N500.0 The smaller ones (see further down) sell for N250.0 for a […]

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Boost Your Sales Leads Generation Using Print On Demand Publishing & Smart Web Marketing

In July 2005 I, met with the president of Ghana’s Pan-African Writers Association (PAWA) in Accra, about the use of Print On Demand (POD) publishing to publish international quality physical books at zero cost. He agreed with the point I made that PAWA members could use POD to get print published to a global paying […]

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PII 094: The World Needs Prayerful Warriors – NOT Prayer Warriors!

This week’s issue of my Performance Improvement Ideas newsletter is an Audio Podcast Here’s a short transcript excerpt ending with a link to the full audio in my Sound Cloud channel: SCROLL DOWN TO READ FULL ISSUE Tayo Solagbade’s Performance Improvement IDEAS (PI Squared) Newsletter Monday 27th November 2017 NB: This PI Squared newsletter will […]

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[DVAM] VIDEO – Maryam Sanda arrested for stabbing husband to death [vanguardngr dot com – NOVEMBER 21, 201710:06 AM]

Maryam Sanda arrested for stabbing husband to death [vanguardngr dot com – NOVEMBER 21, 201710:06 AM] The Nigerian Police has confirmed the arrest of Maryam Sanda for allegedly stabbing her husband, Haliru Bello to death (on Sunday morning the 19th of November 2017). Bello, 35, son of Haliru Bello, a former chairman of the Peoples’ […]

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Kelvin Doe – Wikipedia. AM 2016 : interview of the young inventor Kelvin DOE | Kelvin Doe, 18, Africa’s Next Generation of Technocrats |. [RECOMMENDED] DIY Africa: Empowering a new Sierra Leone – Kelvin Doe, Self-Taught Engineering Teenage Whiz From Sierra Leone, Wows MIT Experts (VIDEO) – As seen on CNN, HuffingtonPost, Wikipedia etc

This post features previews/links to reports about Kelivin Doe, the Sierra Leonean engineering prodigywho gaIned fame for his unIque experimenting based invention of an FM Radio station & generator from scrap. Kelvin Doe – Wikipedia[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelvin_Doe] Kelvin Doe (born 26 October 1996 in Freetown), also known as DJ Focus, is a Sierra Leonean engineer. He is […]

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PII 093: Getting YOUR Employees to Consistently Deliver the Results YOU Want at Work! [What Every Executive, Entrepreneur, &/or CEO Should Know]

This issue of my weekly performance improvement ideas newsletter links announces a learning event I offer to help businesses of ANY size get MORE of their employees to repeatedly and consistently deliver On-Th-Job results their employers value! My achievements as a well paid high-flying employee in a fast paced multinational manufacturing workplace during my 7 […]

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[RECOMMENDED] Two Articles That Teach What You Need to Profit from Adversity

[Screenshot image of Nov. 18, 2010 Facebook post] “Hardship can be good for you. Adversity will force you to grow stronger + help you develop mental stamina. In contrast, a love of ease will make you INEPT and unable to withstand life’s major challenges – especially when you step out of your comfort zone. People […]

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