EXPERT WHO SPEAKS: Know Your Worth. Resolve to Get It

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!As an authentic entrepreneur, I have paid my dues for well over a decade LEARNING the theory and practice of the various solutions I provider. The client base I boast, comprises over 80% experts in their own right, who have […]

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PII 144: Outline of Multiple Benefits for Attendees of my Paid Speaking Events on Entrepreneurship

With the exception of my speaking event on Using Pineapple Peels to Make Drinks You Can Sell, which is ALWAYS FREE ALL my other speaking events are provided for a moderate fee that I communicate to the Event Planner/Decision Makers. My goal is to make attendees of my events learn what will REALLY boost their chances of […]

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PII 143: Commandment No. 9: You Shall Make As Many People As Possible TALK About You [10 Commandments of Web Marketing for Business Success] – FREE PDF DOWNLOAD + LIVE TALK OFFER

By finding creative ways to incorporate elements from virtually every area of society you have interest in, into your marketing content, you will dramatically boost your chances of drawing potential buyers, who would otherwise have missed you, into your “world. That way they’ll discover you have something that can help them. That was exactly what […]

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PII 142: Ideas for Unmasking and Dealing With Narcissists Anywhere, Anytime [Featuring “Inside the narcissist’s wicked mind and their make-believe world of illusions” – from HigherPerspectivesDotCom]

[DISCLAIMER: This issue of my weekly Performance Improvement Ideas (PII) newsletter is a special public information and education service. However, nothing I offer here should be taken to be professional advice. It’s simply experience based information and education that I have chosen to share, because sharing done by others has helpe me to deal with […]

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[GET YOUR FREE PASS] Attend West Africa’s leading agriculture trade show – 27TH TO 28TH NOV. 2018

I’m going to be at the event described below end Nov. Unlike what I did in 2016 when I last attended, I have begun inviting other members of my network (clients and subscribers) to meet with me at the event venue at Lekki’s Landmark Centre It would be great to meet up with YOU, if […]

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[PHOTO SLIDESHOW] 9 Year Old Oluoma Plaits “Evelyn King” Hairstyle for 12 Year Old Temiloluwa On Sun 28/10/2018

The photos in the slideshow linked below show Oluoma, my 9 year old girl (recovering from a bout of Mumps) plaiting her older sister’s hair in the style for school. Apart from hair styling. the girls and their brothers bake various confectionaries e.g. cake, cookies, pizza, bread, chin-chin, puff-puff in addition to making drinks from […]

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PII 141: Get Your Own Money Making Product – & Zero Cost Web Marketing Support to Sell It [Time Limited Offer]

In this issue of my Performance Improvement Ideas (PII) newsletter, I make you a 3-in-1 offer based on my “MONETIZING YOUR EXPERTISE” solution – download PDF below. The good thing about this offer is that it involves my setting up a client attracting online presence for you (built around www.yourname.com) from which the product/service I help you develop […]

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[RECOMMENDED] Why are Nigerians fleeing Nigeria? – Quora.com responder says “Nigeria is the land of cunning people. I can’t cope because I have no cunning bone in me”.

This Quora contributor’s additional responses to the question of “Why Nigerians are fleeing Nigeria” perfectly captured my sentiments – especially number 2: “Nigeria is the land of cunning people. I can’t cope because I have no cunning bone in me”. In addition, the points made by 2 other contributors, one of who still lives in […]

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PII 140: True Story – “Tayo Solagbade – Steroid Man” [Authentic Success Leaves a Trail – 3 Key Attributes You Need to Achieve It]

This week, I share a verbatim reproduction of a “news report” that was “published” on notice boards about me at the end of my final undergraduate year, by a member of the PRESS team in my university campus hall of residence. This was after I’d led the hall’s Handball team to a first ever victory […]

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[RECOMMENDED] Education that can’t create jobs is useless –Ngige

This news report quoting Nigeria’s Minister of Labour and Employment, resonates greatly with me, because the minister’s expresses a view that perfectly captures the sentiments I have repeatedly expressed about today’s conventional schooling system. It uses an obsolete curriculum which does VERY little to prepare learners to achieve income earning success post-schooling. Thanks to Adebowale […]

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