[DVAM] Man Writes Women Support Agency Saying His Estranged Wife is Teaching His Kids to Hate Him [Features Expert Articles/Research on the common problem of Parental Alienation]

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Below is a paraphrased excerpt from a letter written by a Nigerian man to a women support agency, in which he complains that the mother of his kids, who he is no longer on good terms with, keeps trying to  ALIENATE him […]

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PII 130: Proven Secret to Generating Repeat Purchases from Buyers

Some people do not sell with integrity – and this is often apparent from the fact they do (what I describe as) “Hit and Run” business In other words, they sell to buyers, without caring whether or not the latter are satisfied – and often because of that, they never consider trying to sell to […]

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[DVAM] Who will save men from domestic violence?

This report really resonates with me, because it speaks my mind with regard to the near total disregard of the plight of many men suffering domestic violence (both physical and emotional/psychological) at the hands of their intimate female partners in Nigeria – and elsewhere. The author of this piece really nails the ISSUE that’s been […]

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[DVAM] Group laments increase in violence against men

The founder of the NGO featured in the news report previewed/linked below, reveals an interesting trend in which (to use her own words) “scores of married men” have visited her office to complain about domestic violence inflicted on them by their wives – AFTER she led a placard carrying awareness campaign at “Federal High Court, Jabi, […]

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[DVAM] EXTRA REPORT: Husband Battering, A New Face of Domestic Violence

Below, I share a linked preview to yet another publication from the Nigerian social space, that draws attention to the hidden scourge of Domestic Violence Against Men (DVAM) that continues to be generally ignored by key authorities and stakeholders. As usual, a the bottom of the post, I append a link to my Facebook sdvocacy […]

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Why Nigeria BADLY Needs a Proliferation of AUTHENTIC Entrepreneurs [The Root Cause of (& The Surest Cure for) Unemployment in Africa’s Crawling Giant] – FREE PDF DOWNLOAD

This report begins with the following review of what I consider an uncannily accurate opinion submission – on Nigeria – by a foreigner, in a reputable international magazine – TIME – of August 23, 1999:                                                   Nigeria suffers from a dearth of rapidly growing small private businesses. Such businesses create 80 percent of the new […]

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PII 129: These Ideas Will Help You Defy Any Adversity to Succeed Anywhere, Doing Anything! [FREE PDF DOWNLOAD]

Even though I discuss this subject with specific reference to succeeding in business, the ideas I share in this 1,000 word (

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PII 128 – Commandment No. 5 of 10 – You Shall Confidently Offer to Solve Real Life Problems For Your Target Audience [Features TRUE STORY of Teenager Who Started Making Custom Shoes for Himself Because Shoe Sellers Rarely Have Shoes Fitting His Size 46 Feet]

This week I publish commandment No. 5 of 10 from my 10 part/10 week educational audio series titled “Ten Commandments of Web Marketing for Business Success“. This is a special FREE DOWNLOAD edition. Any interested person can download the MP3 and PDF versions and share FREELY. Commandment No. 5 of 10 – You Shall Confidently Offer to […]

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[DVAM] The Rising Women’s Domestic Violence Against Men: An Appraisal Of Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Act, 2015 By: Hameed Ajibola Jimoh Esq.

In continuation of my Facebook page based campaign to STOP Domestic Violence Against Men (DVAM) that’s occurring on an increasing basis in the Nigerian social space, with VERY little attention or support being given to the male victims, I share the preview/link below to an educational article (The Rising Women’s Domestic Violence Against Men: An […]

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[DVAM] Experts Interviewed by Punch Newspapers Identify 5 Major Causes of Rising Domestic Violence Against Men, by Women in Nigeria

This Punch Newspaper report (previewed/linked below), is one of only a handful of instances in which the serious – but largely ignored – problem of Domestic Violence Against Men (DVAM) is acknowledged, and discussed, by competent expert authorities I will continue to take action to create awareness both on the web (via this blog as […]

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