[DVAM] The 3 Types Of Nagging That DESTROY Your Marriage

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Expert author, Carin Goldstein MFT of YourTango dot com discusses 3 ways in which a woman can – unintentionally – use nagging to destroy her marriage. [DVAM] The 3 Types Of Nagging That DESTROY Your Marriage If nothing or no one is ever […]

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Making Custom Ankara Footwear by Restoring Old, Discarded Ones – TemiAndOluoma.com

Making Custom Ankara Footwear by Restoring Old, Discarded Ones In this post we share photos of our first attempts at making various kinds of simple custom footwear. Today, Temi and Oluoma’s older brother, Emeka whose natural talent for making handicrafts was discovered early, is apprenticing in a custom shoe making outfit, and is already able […]

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[DVAM] Top 10 Things Women Do To Destroy Their Marriage

In the article previewed/linked below (based on my Facebook page’s theme of Domestic Violence Against Men – DVAM), Deborah Demander of pairedlife dot com shares 10 powerful insights about how (some) women inadvertently destroy their marriages with their own hands. Top 10 Things Women Do To Destroy Their Marriage Wives bear as much responsibility as husbands. […]

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PII 120: Life’s Got You Down? READ THIS!

When things are not going well it can be hard to stay positive and motivated. No one wants to experience delays, disappointments, setbacks or failure in any form, for any length of time. But the reality of life is that we WILL sometimes have to face them to grow, and mature to our fullest potentials. Whether […]

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[MUST READ] Sexual predators as academics in Nigeria

So, these are the universities the state expects parents to CONTINUE sending their wards/kids to? Read this damning report published by BusinessDay newspaper, which features excerpts from a pilot ICPC/NUC University System Study and Review (USSR) of corruption.   ==== Sexual predators as academics in Nigeria Last week, a voice recording allegedly suggesting that a […]

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TRUE STORY: A WMS Makes You Confident That Your Marketing is NOT Missing Anything [Hint: You Avoid Free Loaders/Time Wasters & Attract High Quality Buyers]

The best way to sell is to make potential buyers COME TO YOU (e.g see the recent email conversation reproduced below, that I had with a prospective client who read one of my articles and went on to call me – later calling back for his wife to speak with me – about the solution […]

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PII 119: Shine Your Light: Succeed Without Apology [Verbatim Video Transcript of “Shine Your Light” – Powerful Speech by World-Renowned Motivational Speaker and Bestselling Author, Lisa Nichols]

In this week’s issue (28th May 2018) of my newsletter, I share the verbatim transcript I’ve typed from a 3.5 minute video clip of World-renowned motivational speaker and bestselling author, Lisa Nichols delivering her powerful speech on how to keep shining and blinding those who cannot handle your light. Notice that I’ve DELIBERATELY retitled it “Shine Your […]

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PII 118: You Need a Smart Marketing Action Plan to Attract Quality Sales Leads [Preview of a Smart Web Marketing Action Plan for a REAL LIFE Client]

“I just know there is something I’m doing wrong. It doesn’t make sense that we should be struggling to stay afloat in terms of covering our expenses.” – CEO of Non-Profit NGO The above is a paraphrased version of the words spoken to me by the CEO of a non-profit organisation during a conversation we […]

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PII 117: Top 2 Articles On How to Defy Adversity to Succeed With Web Marketing (True Stories)

I am living proof that you can use to web to achieve powerful name/brand recognition at zero cost, even if you start out as a complete nobody. My achievements are verifiable: over 90% of my clients today came to me as total strangers, who sent me money for products/services I offer but have yet, till this […]

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Haters Cannot Change Your Destiny!

This post was first published (along with THIS one) on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 – on the temporary blogspot dot com channel (click to see) I setup in May 2014, after spontaneousdevelopmen dot .com, my 9 year old domain got taken over by a former hosting company. ==== Haters Cannot Change Your Destiny! A great man once said:  […]

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