[RECOMMENDED] The new face of farming: youth making agribusiness ‘cool’!

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!“It is important to make agriculture ‘cool’ in order to attract more youngsters to the sector.” – Botswana’s Mavis Nduchwa, 33 year old founder of Chabana (Animal Feed) Farms – a grantee of Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP) The above […]

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[RECOMMENDED] Why online courses are trending

This report highlights a reality that people are coming to accept all over the world – including Africa – about the increasing popularity of online courses amongst people seeking tertiary level education. As tuition fees keep rising, those who cannot afford them are embracing the use of remote learning web based resources that a growing […]

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PII 086: Why You need a Branded Email Address

If you use a free email address (e.g at Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail etc) as your primary means of communicating with buyers or clients, you need to STOP it as soon as possible. Believe it or not, failing to use your own branded email address in today’s world CAN cost you in multiple ways that negatively […]

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Ideas From Successful Pig Farmers On How to Feed Pigs Cheaply to Boost Profits – PART 1 [Fact Sheet for MP3 Audio Podcast Series]

This Downloadable Audio Podcast Based Training series offers: (1) best practice pig feeding/general management information (2) ready-to-use cost-saving ration formulas suitable for all pig classes and other ideas to boost profits. Title = Ideas from successful pig farmers on how to feed pigs cheaply to boost profits Format = MP3 Audio recordings + Image Mind […]

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[RECOMMENDED] The importance of key performance indicators for profitability

The article linked below echoes a message I’ve been screaming through my Cost-Saving Best Practice Farm Business Ideas articles (like THIS one – click to view) for over a decade, to my Farm CEO target audience  That’s why my Custom Spreadsheet software are designed to auto-compute and report, in tabular as well as charted format, commonly used KPIs for […]

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[TRUE STORY – MP3 AUDIO] Investing In a Flagship Website Creates Low Cost Opportunities to Test, Refine and Profit from Your Business Ideas

2 days ago (i.e. Monday 25th September 2017) I paid approximately $10 USD for website-url-dot-com [real URL removed for privacy] – the URL for acatering business run by the spouse of a long term Farm CEO client (NB:  I’m currently developing a Web Marketing System for him on his own flagship website website-url-dot-com [real URL removed for privacy]). To save money, her own website […]

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PII 085: Succeed by Doing Things Differently and Better

“Life is destined to be story of achievement in spite of adversity, not in the absence of adversity; for without adversity, achievement could not exist…. Smile at adversity and act quickly to eliminate it. Expect adversity, for it shall surely appear. Be grateful for adversity for it forces the human spirit to grow – for […]

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[RECOMMENDED] Nigeria has a culture of not paying workers and it’s not about to change anytime soon

Many government bodies and private companies in Nigeria can leave workers unpaid for several months. In this 2012 photo are protesting employees of This Day newspaper. (AP Photos/Sunday Alamba) Lagos, Nigeria Taiwo Olatunji is tired. Tired of waiting. Tired of excuses. Tired of not knowing exactly what he needs to do next. He’s been teaching […]

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The FARM CEO (Issue 95) – RECOMMENDED: 5 Ways to Make Money Online as a Farmer –

This Kenyan blog (screenshot below) features a guest post from a Nigerian expert (Stephen OlorunNi) who makes money online, providing in-demand products and services to farm business owners and those aspiring. My Farm CEO clients and subscribers will attest to the fact that the ideas he advocates for adoption in this article echo – very loudly – […]

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[RECOMMENDED] The Fourth Industrial Revolution, by Klaus Schwab

It is my considered opinion that people living and working in my part of the world (Africa), in particular, BADLY NEED to align themselves with (and pro-actively ADAPT to) fast paced technology driven changes sweeping across the globe, if they are to avoid getting permanently left behind by the rest of the world. I believe […]

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