PII106: [True Client Story] Smart Web Marketing Will Boost Your Reputation and Cement Your Credibility

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Nothing beats getting feedback from a client that the solution you developed/implemented for him is not only working, but that s/he is making smart use of it to get more done with less time, effort, money and resources! Every […]

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Powerful Strategy for Making Money from FREE Talks You Give [NO, It’s Not Back Room Sales]

I use what I call a “Public Speaking for Business Marketing” (PSBM) to cost-effectively boost my name and brand recognition in my target market place. This involves looking out for and/or creating speaking opportunities in which I share my knowledge and expertise to a niche audience of experts interested in the solutions I offer. Most […]

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Use a Web Marketing System to Create a RELIABLE Stream of High Quality Sales Leads of Pre-Qualified Prospects, That You Eventually Convert to Buyers [True Story: New Member of Tayo Solagbade’s Excel Heaven Visual Basic Automation Club Joins from Kenya’s Nairobi]

“No matter how difficult the socioeconomic environment of your primary target market is, smart web marketing know-how like the one I possess, and which I use to support my clients (via a customizable Web Marketing System) CAN, over time, be successfully leveraged to generate a RELIABLE stream of high quality sales leads of pre-qualified prospects, […]

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PII 105: To Achieve Greater Success, Offer to Speak Online – and Especially Offline [True Story: The First Speaking Invitation I’ve Accepted for 2018]

This week’s issue of my Performance Improvement Ideas (PII) newsletter, I feature a preview and link to a Speaker ONE Sheet from 2015, which announces my FREE 1 hour talk titled “Attract Profitable Buyers at Zero Cost…Even While YOU Sleep “ One evening on Tuesday 3rd March, I arrived the office of a multidisciplinary client company in Cotonou, […]

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PII 104: Not Every Client Opportunity Will be Good for You [True Story: The Speaking Invitation I Turned Down in 2017]

Late last year, between August and October 2018, I had a series of email and phone conversations (see screenshot below) with decision makers /representatives of a national livestock farmers association. They had reached out to me based on a paper flier one of them had received from me at an Agricultural conference I’d attended 2 […]

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To Sell More, You Need More Sales Inquiries and Conversations: A Smart Web Marketing System Can Deliver That – Even While You Sleep!

Above: Screenshot image of an email message (see text below) that I received early this morning, Saturday 3rd Feb 2018, from a Kenya based expert, regarding the Excel-VB Automation Coaching I offer. ===Starts=== “Hi Tayo, I happened to have bumped into one of your YouTube videos and found it amazing.Am interesting on learning how to […]

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PII 103: One Travel Accessory You Should NOT Travel Without [Read THIS to Get IT FREE]

Travel accessories are a key requirement for problem free trips. If you leave home without some essential ones, your trip may end up being more of a nightmare – especially if you’re unable to find a good replacement. A good example is your phone charger.  But…an even better example is your… SCROLL DOWN TO READ […]

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Master Salesmen Use Smart Ideas to Sell. Ordinary Salesmen Don’t! [TIP: Be a Master Salesman – Experience Based Ideas from a Master Salesman]!

“All master salesmen know that ideas can be sold where merchandise cannot. Ordinary salesmen do not know this – that is why they are ‘ordinary’.” – Napoleon Hill Way back in 2002, when I read the above words in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, I resolved to do ALL in my power to become […]

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INVITATION: Bookmark DiscoverCotonou.com and Watch as I GROW this NEW Service/Product Website at Low to Zero Cost Using the Custom Web Marketing System I Develop and Implement for It [Hint: Just Like I Did for TayoSolagbade.com in 2014, and SpontaneousDevelopment.com 9 Years Before It!]

Finally, after 3 years of careful research/testing of this NEW service/product website based idea, followed by marketing content preparation over the past 3 months, I’m about formally STARTING it up online [see website (click here) and Facebook page (click here)] …AND  I’ve been doing stuff offline as well e.g yesterday I got the business cards […]

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PII 102: You Need Big Ideas – NOT a Big Brain!

“Analysis of physicist Albert Einstein’s brain revealed that his was slightly smaller than the average human brain. Quote this bit of trivia the next time some macho guy brags about the male brain being bigger than the female one. Look where Einstein’s “small” brain got him!” – National Geographic This quote is self-explanatory, but in this […]

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