PII 092: Response Generating Digital Marketing Content Creation Service

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Intelligent creation of new and useful digital marketing content is the key to achieving – and sustaining – name and brand recognition at low to zero cost. Look around the web, and you’ll see that those businesses that are able […]

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The FARM CEO (Issue 98): Utilization Potentials of Cassava Starch (Manihot esculenta) as Micro-Livestock Feed Binder

ABSTRACT The investigation was conducted to study the suitability of cassava starch as a binder in grasscutter feed, which is effective. With respect to pellet forming ability, maximum value were obtained at 10, 15, 20 and 25% levels of cassava starch inclusion for diets 1, 2, 3 and 4, respectively. In terms of pellet forming […]

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If You Are Well Adjusted To a Profoundly Sick Society, be Worried! [True Story]

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. Jiddu Krishnamurti [Source] Watch the above video titled “Who are you?”. Watch this video to enlighten yourself, then go out and plant a seed by sharing the insights you gain with others. The point I make in this article, is […]

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PII 091: To Succeed Inspite of Adversity, Be Prepared to Do Whatever it Takes

I’ve diligently applied myself with single minded determination in pursuit of my goals, by promoting my brand at low to zero cost using the web. The positive results I’ve have recorded over the years, evidenced by the growth in name and brand recognition I now enjoy at an increasing rate, today, makes more people willing […]

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[RECOMMENDED] Why The Degree is Dying (and being replaced by something better) by Isaac Morehouse – Founder & CEO of Praxis

If I did not know better, I could have sworn the author of this piece spent some time reading my mind before writing THIS excellent piece. Now, don’t get it twisted: The idea being advocated for adoption here is not that classroom based learning is no longer useful. Instead, as the author notes in the […]

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PII 090: Use Intelligent Web Marketing Content Creation to Get Found in Top Search Engine Pages

If your company does not have a Web Marketing System, developed based on a carefully conceived Web Marketing Strategy, there’s a good chance that the service described on the page linked below, can dramatically boost your ability to generate high quality sales leads via your online presence. The mind map shown below outlines the key components I […]

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Master KPI Computation and Interpretation to Boost Your Farm’s Profits [8 Week BOPMS™ COACHING PROGRAM]

Master KPI Computation and Interpretation to Boost Your Farm’s Profits [8 Week BOPMS™ COACHING PROGRAM] KPI = Key Performance Indicators BOPMS™ = Best Operating Process Management System The BOPMS™ is a trademark of Tayo Solagbade’s Self-Development Academy Program Details/Description: 1. This is an 8 week one-on-one coaching program for Farm CEOs 2.  It comes with MP3 Audio […]

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[AUDIO PODCAST TRAINING] Farm Records Need to Go Beyond Financial Data: A Potentially Costly Mistake Many Farm CEOs Make!

This post announces a special audio podcast training I’ve just broadcast prepared for exclusive access by members of my Cost-Saving Farm Business Ideas club – via email and our private Facebook group. To get access to the podcast – become a club member. Click the link at the bottom of THIS post Short Transcript Excerpt from […]

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Your Ability to Speak Another International Language Can Break Barriers For You [True Story]

Today, I visited the embassy of a Francophone African country on Victoria Island to make certain inquiries. Right from the gate, I made a point of speaking ONLY French and in as formal a manner as possible. For those who have been following my writing for some time, you most likely to know the story […]

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PII 089: Get Found and Contacted by People Eager to Buy What You Sell

Would you like to get found and contacted more often by people eager to buy what you sell? If YES, then you’ll want to read this to the end. Anyone in business knows finding potential buyers for product(s)/service(s) you offer can be hard work – AND that getting them to buy, can be even HARDER […]

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