Why You Need a Web Marketing System (WMS) – Part 3 of 3

This is the third and final part of “Why You Need A Web Marketing System (WMS)” – a 3 PART EDUCATIONAL SERIES. This installment ends with links to other articles that describe key components of a WMS. It’s titled “A Passion for What You Do, Will Help You Use A Web Marketing System to Get New/Repeat Business At Close to Zero Cost”. (Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here).

A WMS enables a business dramatically reduce marketing expenses, while increasing marketing reach and impact. In this final article, I explain why a business owner NEEDS undiluted PASSION to successfully use a WMS to acquire those benefits.

The key message here is that to get the best results from using a WMS, you must be in a business you thoroughly love!

Many People Fail To Follow Their Passions in Business

The phrase “having a passion for what you do” is one that I first came into contact with as a young manager in Guinness Nigeria Plc. This was in October 1994, when I was recruited along with 11 others as a new set of Graduate Management Trainees.

This happened after a rigorous selection process that ended with a grueling selection board discussion session, involving shortlisted candidates.

I believe strongly, that my exposure to best practice operations in that company, made a tremendous difference to my ability to function as a human being, at the highest levels of performance possible.

And I believe honestly that the culture of striving for excellence perpetually, which was promoted within that organization, helped me to really discover who I was, and to go after anything I want in my life.

Having a passion for what you do, is crucial to your ability to excel. I think a lot of people  fail to get involved in vocations and businesses that they have a passion for. And that explains why some of such people so readily settle for cutting corners, in trying  to achieve their business goals.

When you have a passion for what you do, you will not have a problem continuing to strive, till you achieve your intended business goal. And you will prefer to do so with integrity.

Only a Lack of Passion Will Make You Accept To Give a Bribe to Succeed In Business

Imagine if somebody tells you, as a Fashion Design expert, that you need to grease his palm, to make him submit your designs for consideration by a panel of decision makers.

Maybe they need an official designer for an international event – and you want that exposure.

If you accept to bribe that person, it shows that you don’t know who you are. Don’t start a business you only enjoy doing because of the money. Once the incentive of income disappears, you’ll find it hard to persevere with honesty and integrity.

Without a passion for what you do, you cannot know who you are. A lack of passion will make you willing to accept any conditions given you by others – even if that means cutting corners.

So let me put it the other way around. When you venture into a line of business that you see other people seemingly making big money from, without knowing what fundamentals will help you succeed in it, you set a trap for yourself.

This is because you do not have a passion for it. When things get tough you’ll crack under pressure. And things do get tough: in every area of life, in every line of business, there will always be hard times.

Without passion, you will find it difficult to keep going during hard times, because the inner drive will not be there.

You’ll start looking for quick fixes and short cuts. And that’s when you become crooked. And when you become crooked, your work will likely become crooked, because then it’s no longer about quality, it’s about surviving!

If You Will Struggle To Continually Think Up New/Useful Things to Say to Promote Your Business, Don’t Bother With a WMS

So, when I talk about using a WMS, as a complementary alternative to spending money wastefully, in traditional media like newspapers, TV and radio, especially as a small business person, that’s what I mean.

You’ve got to first of all be passionate about what you do. That way you will not have a problem adopting this alternative method, because this alternative method requires that you have no difficulty whatsoever, continuing to do the necessary things to make it work.

If you’re going to have a problem thinking up new ideas to talk about, in relation to what you offer your potential customers…

If you’re going to have a problem thinking up a new topic to write about, that will be used in promoting your work to potential customers…

…Then don’t bother trying to use a WMS!

Just go back and keep looking for money to pay the newspapers and the TV stations and the radio stations.
Then you sit back and wait for magic to happen. God help you. Hopefully, magic will keep happening. And hopefully, there’ll always be big money for you to spend on it.

Also, hopefully, you’ll also have enough profits to make it worth your while :-)

Final Words – A Web Marketing System Will Keep Your Marketing Going (Even When You Sleep) Till You Succeed

However if you want to be able to beat your chest that you get business on merit, and that the value you deliver is actually what gives you the patronage you are able to show off, then I believe this is the time for you to consider using a WMS.

If you have a passion for what you do. If it’s something you wake up at 8am and are ready to jump into the streets and get started doing it all over again like you did yesterday, last week, last month or last year…

If it’s something that you don’t mind keeping at, even when you’ve not had a meal, since morning, and you’re working on it till 12 midnight and never get tired…

If it’s something that you never get bored with…

…then you can use a WMS to succeed in your business marketing.

This is because it is your passion that will help you make your WMS give you the results you want i.e. MORE sales leads or potential customers!

What you have just read is final part of a 3 part series titled “Why You Need A Web Marketing System (WMS)”.

Part 1 of 3: Why You Need To Change The Way You Find Buyers for Your Products/Services

Part 2 of 3: Understanding How (Routine/Repeated) Use of Paid TV, Radio & Print Media Short Changes YOU

Part 3 of 3: Why You Need a Web Marketing System (WMS) – Part 3 of 3


There is a lot more you need to know. This series is available as a keynote speech, a half-day or full-day workshop – or request for audio/video version.

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Further Reading: Components of a Web Marketing System (WMS)

The articles listed below describe key components of a Web Marketing System that I always recommend that my clients adopt for use. Read them and apply what you learn to started with yours.

1. Potential Benefits of Promoting Your Business Online Via Articles, Newsletter & Facebook Marketing

2. You Cannot Beat Competitors If You Keep Doing The SAME Things They Do!

If you need help or ideas at any stage, consider taking up an email or phone consultation with me. Or signup for a one month coaching session. Fill and submit this form, using “Re: WMS” as “Subject”

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