The Best Way to Make Money (True Story)

Would you like to have a never-expiring system that makes people who want what you sell, find, contact and eventually pay you money to get it – with little or no work on your part? Or to put it another way, would you like to make money via passive income generation?

If YES, this article, the true story it tells, and the invitation at the end, may interest you.

Nothing beats earning income via passive income generation i.e. without having to work!

Now don’t get me wrong. There is some work involved and it can be quite hard. But that’s often at the early stages of creating the income generating product. Once that is done, you simply focus on attracting buyers and fulfilling orders. This latter aspect, when done using a intelligent web marketing system, will often be self-sustaining.

In other words, you would do the work once (and it can be hard work!), and reap the rewards for what can be a lifetime. In fact, in many cases, you’ll be able to hand over what you create to your offspring!

The story I share further down, is just one of MANY that I have to tell, from years of using this system.

It illustrates how the system I refer to can earn YOU what some people make in a month, in one evening. That has happened to me countless times since 2012, when I chose to focus 100% on selling my products and services online, instead of physically going out to find buyers.

Today I have no need to go out “hunting” for clients.

Instead I devote the increasing hours of free time that passive income generation affords me, to THINKING up new products and services to offer for sale using the same system that’s working so well for me.

Then I create and refine them, and ultimately put them online for my target audience to discover.

Now, because the system I use is based on the Internet, my overhead costs are close to nil.

As a result, the risk associated with launching my new initiatives is often close to zero, and most times, I am able to keep up the promotion of the solution, tweaking it based on results and feedback I get, until it starts selling.

Today, buyers from within and outside Africa send payment to me, for my Excel-VB software products such as my Excel-VB Ration Formulator and Poultry Farm Manager, Invoice Generator, Payslip Generator etc.

But apart from my growing range of customizable Excel-VB software (some of which are mentioned above), I have other Digital Cash Flow Generating Assets(DCFGA)™ I own today, even as I continue to create more…!

One good example is my popular Feed Formulation Handbook.

There are others in audio and video formats too. I provide links to some of them below to give the reader (what will hopefully be) a useful insight into some of the ways one can create DCFGAs.

1. One good example is the Audio DVD information product titled “Proven Ways to Generate Useful Passive Income

See the article I used to announce/promote it here (click)

2. Another is my Audio Book titled 10 Storyfied Yoruba Proverbs

It comes as a Audio Enabled Power Point Slide show that can be downloaded or delivered by courier on DVD.

See the article I used to announce/promote it here (click)

Here’s the Youtube trailer I created for it:


Notice that ANY subject you have competent knowledge of, or expertise in, can be used to create these kinds of income generating products. So, you need not stick exclusively to your core area – else you limit yourself.

The first buyer I had for this audio book DVD was a senior manager (a lady) with Standard Chartered Bank on Victoria Island in Lagos – Nigeria.

After watching the Youtube demo video, she’d called and paid (via bank transfer) the N5k fee for it, and added N2k for delivery to her office!

3. Yet another is the Home Study Video Tutorial Pack on Feed Formulation.

Click here to view the image flyer I created for it.

See the text transcript of one of the 2 preview videos I use to promote it on Youtube here (the video is linked to/embedded on the same page)

What You Can Do to Get Started….

THINK of what you know well (or know how to do competently) that you can present in a form that people in your target audience are likely to want to buy.

Understand that it does NOT have to be something anyone has done before.

And you do NOT have to do it the way others have done theirs. Follow your gut-level instincts in implementing the ideas that come to you.

In my experience, from over 2 decades of doing so, your instincts or intuition will rarely steer you wrong!

If you do it right, it’s only a matter of time before you come up with something that hits home with your target audience!

In my case, the first “seller” I had was my Feed Formulation Handbook, then my Ration Formulator Software (which buyers of the handbook actually asked me to build!), and later my Poultry Farm Manger (which I first built in 2009, for  a 12,000 poultry layer farm on the outskirts of Lagos – and later put up for sale online) .

In between all of those, I’ve created some other smaller DCFGA™, which are mostly information products sold in my online store. More recently, audio and video DVD information products (see examples above) have joined the library.

You see, you only need to get started. Once you begin to see sales, your creative instincts will naturally get stimulated. You will have tasted blood! That will make you do more, and in the process you’ll gain deeper insights about what areas to further venture into.

Note however, that  you will succeed best with new products you create, ONLY if you PAY diligent attention to feedback you get, as well as new trends/developments in markets you serve!

My ongoing achievements convince me that ANYONE willing to put in the work, can benefit from creating and selling DCFGA™.

And that’s why I’ve launched a special support system to help interested persons LEARN to create and sell theirs.

Like I said, anyone can do it.

Think about it this way:

You will develop the ability to create products, which if well conceived and marketed to the right target audience, will attract buyers with little or no effort on your part, who gladly pay to get them from you.

For instance, imagine being able to offer your DCFGA™ at a promo price to enquirers who call you, and having some of them take it up, so that you go to bed that night an extra N55k richer, in your bank account?

Yet fulfilling those orders would only involve personalizing the products (if needed) and sending it as an email attachment to buyers!

Wouldn’t it be a great way to go through life – knowing that you will always be able to earn decent extra sums with minimal effort on your part (after the initial – often hard – work of creating the product)??

I’m sure you agree it would!

It would make you LESS fearful of what tomorrow will bring, if you’re self-employed or without work. And if you’re a salary earner, you would have extra money to do MORE of what you want. Money that comes even when you don’t do any real work!

Let me share a true story from just 2 days ago i.e. Wednesday 19th August 2015 to illustrate:

About 30 minutes after I finished a Skype phone conversation with a new UK based client for my Book Ghost-Writing service, I got a call from a Lagos based Poultry Farm CEO.

I recall telling him that I found it strange that he got through to me on my Nigeria mobile line (+234-803-302-1263), even though I was here in Cotonou, Benin Republic. It was the first time anyone had ever gotten through to me here, without using my Benin line (+229-66-122-136). Normally, once I cross the border, I’ve often found that I am only able to send and receive SMS messages using the line for the country I’ve left.

But back to the story…

The Farm CEO told me he had just watched the Youtube video for my Excel VB Poultry Farm Manager, and wanted to know what the price was, and if I could customize it for his farm.

I answered both questions and offered some details on what to expect.

Then I told him of a promo offer I’d just sent out, via bulk sms to my subscribers that same Wednesday morning, which was due to expire at midnight. I noted that if he was ready to buy, he could take up the product at the promo price…BUT only if he filled and submitted my website contact form to join my mailing list.

This was because the offer was ONLY meant for people who had signed up as subscribers.

The guy wasted no time in doing that, and I sent him account payment details. About 10 minutes later, he sent me an sms that he had done bank transfer!

But it DID not end there…!

Just as I finished replying the SMS, I recalled that another Poultry Farm CEO, had called me while holidaying in London, but had since returned to Nigeria. He had also indicated interest in buying the Poultry Farm Manager.

It occurred to me that the promo offer might interest him. I called his mobile line, but kept getting a “Not Available” message from a recorded voice. My purpose was to inform him of the promo offer, in case he would want to take it up.

When I could not reach him on phone, I could have simply stopped there. However, my keenly honed selling instincts made me think of sending him an email, as I’d noticed during our past correspondence that he used a smart phone, and appeared to be often online.

It was a good thing I did, because less than 30 minutes later, he sent an email thanking me for the heads up, and confirming that he had done a bank transfer to take up the promo offer! (See screenshot below)

It was a good thing I did, because less than 30 minutes later, he sent an email thanking me for the heads up, and confirming that he had done a bank transfer to take up the promo offer! (See screenshot below)

Less than 24 hours later, I had sent both buyers the promised promo versions of the products.

Each CEO had paid N27.5k, making it a total of N55k paid into my bank account in ONE single evening!

[NB: You must remember that what I sell are 100% digital products. So I have no production or delivery costs to worry about…]

Isn’t it amazing how having the solution people want, in form of a product you can sell, promoted using an intelligent web marketing system, can enable one make repeat sales with little or no effort?

The best part is that it’s timeless marketing.

That is, it NEVER expires – and I mean that with reference to the product marketing.

The narrative I just shared above is a reality I experience on a regular basis. So this is not just some theory based recommendation I’m making to you about Digital Cash Flow Generating Assets™

It’s a tested and proven strategy that has WORKED for me for YEARS.

And I’m not the only one who uses it – as I also studied others to develop the variant that is mine today.

However, it is my vision to help as many others as would like to, learn how to make money in this same way.

If that interests you, click here to request details of my Spontaneous Coaching for Passive Income (SC4PI)™ generation program!

I look forward to working with you :-)

NB: The term Digital Cash Flow Generating Assets™ and the acronym DCFGA™ are trademarks of Tayo Solagbade’s Self-Development Academy.


1. No. 201: Your Own Money Making Product Built by Me [Offer Expires MNT Wed 15th July 2015]

2. A Tried & Tested Strategy For Achieving Financial Freedom (Hint: Get My Audio DVD Information Product titled “Proven Ways to Generate Useful Passive Income”)

Below: Photograph of my latest Audio DVD Information Product titled “Proven Ways to Generate Useful Passive Income” (sitting on my copy of Robert Kiyosaki’s “Why ‘A’ Students Work for ‘C’ Students, and ‘B’ Students Work for the Government”)

Photograph of my latest Audio DVD Information Product titled Proven Ways to Generate Useful Passive Income (sitting on my copy of Robert Kiyosaki's Why 'A' Students Work for 'C' Students, and 'B' Students Work for the Government)


[IMPORTANT: This blog's contents are being updated following the transfer to www.tayosolagbade.com from my former domain - Spontaneousdevelopment.com. As a result, some parts of it may not work properly for now. Quick Tip: If a link contains "spontaneousdevelopment.com", simply change it to "tayosolagbade.com" - and it should work. This applies to article links as well as image links. Work continues to update the links(in over 500 articles). Tayo K. Solagbade.]

Practical Livestock Feed Formulation Handbook

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$82.5 USD to buy it from my online store (PDF download)

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Payment of N50,000.00 gets you the physical handbook and software on CD with videos etc, PLUS practical one-on-one, in person training with me at a feed mill in Lagos, Nigeria.

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