A Tried & Tested Strategy For Achieving Financial Freedom (Hint: Get My Audio DVD Information Product titled “Proven Ways to Generate Useful Passive Income”)

I recently shared a quote by Robert Kiyosaki on Facebook, stating – in part – that his Rich Dad often said “If going to school made you rich, then schoolteachers would be millionaires‘”. A friend – Ernest – later posted this question: What is the way forward towards earning financial freedom? I don dey tire oooo(see screen shot below).

I recently shared a quote by Robert Kiyosaki on Facebook, stating - in part - that his Rich Dad often said

Now, you could argue that my friend meant it as a joke, and that would be true. However, the truth is that MANY adults today actually WANT to know the answer to THAT question!!

That’s because our conventional schooling systems – including business schools – rarely offer the needed information and education that helps one develop the kind of financial intelligence most needed to achieve true financial freedom!

As a result, most people after leaving school eventually find themselves struggling to make ends meet as they get married and have kids.

I say this as one who excelled at tertiary education, and also in paid employment (which conventional schooling best prepares people for)…ONLY to became the butt end of jokes, and an object of ridicule, once I stepped into the business world to make money outside salaried employment!

Ernest (who posted the question on Facebook), is a family friend – and can attest to veracity of the claims I make above (which I’ve stated many times in previous write-ups on this blog/website)

He knows my story. How I started out as an entrepreneur…how I became the “Bambiala” (slang for “beggar” of the Solagbade family …despite my brilliant academic background and my excellent career achievements in paid employment with Guinness (which I quit to pursue my business dream).

When I got  into the real world, where the safety net of a monthly salary was removed, and fewer checks and balances existed to control “WURU WURU” (aka “crooked”) people and situations, I began to struggle.

It took me years, but by studying financially successful passive income earning experts like Burt Dubin, and especially Robert Kiyosaki, I have been able to dramatically transform myself…

Today, I earn over 80% of my income via passive channels from what I call Digital Cash Flow Generating Assets (e.g. my information products and software).

Using creative marketing strategies I am able to make sales: even on public holidays!

For instance, those who are my friends on Facebook (or fans of my business page) often see the many blog posts I share …sometimes with promotional/sales offers.

What most may not know is that I DO get responses, directly and indirectly to some of those offers, and ultimately make sales. That’s in addition to earning that come from people who find me via Google search results, pages, Youtube, and even Guest Posts I’ve published on third party websites.

The above mentioned are examples of ways I earn income, even when I do NOT have client projects – or indeed when I am sleeping…!

The implication of all of the above is that even when I do not work, I earn income…and that’s the path Robert Kiyosaki is saying leads to financial freedom!

In other words, the ultimate solution to achieving financial freedom is THIS:

Build and nurture cash flow generating assets that continually put money in your pockets, without your needing to WORK.

Details about WHAT to do, and “HOW” are given in elaborate, easy to understand, storytelling fashion in Robert’s books!

The best part is that he says you do NOT need to quit your 9 to 5 job to do what he advices.

In fact, he recommends getting and KEEPING a day job, then using the salary from it, to fund the acquisition and nurturing of the cash flow generating assets you acquire, so that they put more money into your pockets!

Now, what I have discovered is that many people in my part of the world, are so bogged down working too long, for too little, that finding the free time to READ as many of this man’s books as I do, is difficult for them…

If truth be told however, another reason they struggle is that they do NOT like reading, or are simply more interested in reading sports, politics, comedy and other fun stuff :-)

Having said that, I refuse to judge anyone regarding what they choose to do with their time.

Instead, I want to help any who are willing to listen and learn.

Here’s why…

Like I keep saying in more of my new write ups, I have recently been experiencing a DEEP and persistent feeling of compulsion to give back, now that I am recording MORE tangible and consistent success from applying the principles I have learned over heartrendingly prolonged, and humiliating period of years.

I sense that the Creator wants me to HELP as many others out here, as show interest, to discover how to do what I do, which is…Work LESS, while Making More Money, which consequently makes me Worry LESS, and Sleep Better …thereby living a HAPPIER life!

You’ll agree with me that the ABOVE are what virtually every person wants today, but most do NOT know what to do to be able to LIVE that life.

Robert Kiyosaki’s books offer LOTS of information and education a person can use to get started and ultimately succeed.

What I’ve however found from years of trying is that NOT all of his ideas can be put to direct and immediate use here in Africa. I know because I have read several of his books (cover to cover, many times over – when I BADLY needed them to work for me!

It took me many painful years to distill the wisdom from his writings, and adapt them to come up with my own variant of what he proposed, which I now use to GROW my own income, while actually working LESS or not at all.

For many years before I got it right, I could NOT make money as an entrepreneur, if I did not have a client project in hand!

Those were truly terrifying days for me and my family.

But all that is now in the past, as I’ve since developed a tried and tested system that enables me make money without needing to take on client projects.

It all began to really come together for me, from around 2012 – when I plucked up courage to STOP hunting for client projects and focus on working 100% from home, to find buyers for my products and services.

By the time I relocated, on 1st April 2013, to Benin Republic’s Cotonou, in order to be able to clock MORE tangible hours, building my Web Marketing System online to promote my work, things really began to take a MAJOR turn for the better, in terms of passive income sales.

Since then I have NOT looked back!

What makes it even better is that I periodically get clients who reach out to hire me – from remote locations – without requesting to meet face to face. As a result, every now and then I complement my passive income with a little extra from LIVE client projects!

Simply put therefore, the success I enjoy today, is proof that my adopted strategies work.

To do the Creator’s will, I have NOW created my Audio DVD Information Product titled “Proven Ways to Generate Useful Passive Income” to share what I know with others…

I launched it for my 45th birthday anniversary on 6th July 2015, and have since had several FREE LIVE coaching sessions (meant to be 1 hour, but often lasting approximately 3 hours) for buyers of the DVD.

Venues so far have been either Sherryville Arcade at Berger Bus stop, Ikeja-Lagos or Tantalizers Fast Foods Restaurant, along Ojodu-Berger road (not far from the former).

The DVD sells for N5k, and delivery is FREE in Lagos.

Buyers who want it, get to agree a date/time to meet with me for the FREE LIVE coaching session.

If you’re interested, click here to request payment details.

Below: Photograph of my Audio DVD Information Product titled “Proven Ways to Generate Useful Passive Income” (sitting on my copy of Robert Kiyosaki’s “Why ‘A’ Students Work for ‘C’ Students, and ‘B’ Students Work for the Government”)

Photograph of my latest Audio DVD Information Product titled Proven Ways to Generate Useful Passive Income (sitting on my copy of Robert Kiyosaki's Why 'A' Students Work for 'C' Students, and 'B' Students Work for the Government)


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