Hurry Merchants With Get-Rich-Quick Mentalities Cannot Use a Web Marketing System (WMS) Successfully

In this article, I explain why people looking for quick-results-with-minimal-effort in their business marketing are unlikely to find my Web Marketing System (WMS) suited to their needs.

I am unapologetic in telling anyone who asks me what s/he stands to gain by adopting my WMS, that s/he can look forward at the start to a LOT OF HARD WORK, requiring deliberate application of PATIENCE in a bid to narrow down to what works and what does not.
Those things that work, will be the ones that get you the marketing result you want – which is SALES LEADS i.e. pre-qualified prospects or potential buyers that you recruit via your WMS.
Those things that don’t work are the ones that do NOT deliver (or support/complement the delivery of) the outcomes described in the above paragraph.

“Hurry Merchants” are often fixated on the idea of making sales happen as fast as possible, no matter how new the business they are doing is. 

They are the kind who want to get a prospect to part with money within minutes of meeting him, and typically go about doing this by being manipulative. They often employ hype and put psychological pressure on the prospect in a manner designed to force his/her hand.
To put it simply, they use the pushy-salesperson strategy or what I call the “Cave Man with a Club” approach.
I do NOT like that technique, because I find it does not earn me the right QUALITY of clients in the long run. 

Quite often those you will win over using manipulative strategies tend to be people who come on board not just with wrong expectations, but also who have WARPED mental attitudes. 

Wrong expectations could include wanting you to do MORE work for them than they pay for. .
That initial sale having happened, such people can go on to make your life a living hell, if you are a service provider.
A product sales person may escape from such negative returns if the buyer does not return to do more business with him/her, but the service provider who has collected money from a client who is not a good fit for him/her may end up regretting starting that relationship in the first place.
One Example: Imagine for instance a ghost-writing client who after reading though a manuscript and telling you s/he is okay with it, only to come back 2 weeks later with a demand that you completely add an extra chapter, based on several anecdotes s/he just recalled as important, BUT insists s/he will not pay any extra fees?!
I have had such experiences, and they make you miserable even when you do what you LOVE. We have a term that describes it: Scope Creep, and I’ve written several articles on it, based on true story experiences I’ve had – like this one.
Hurry Merchants are always trying to cut corners – and frequently play mind ganes
That’s when you see someone who adds you as a friend on Facebook last week, saying s/he needs your help,turning around to try selling you HIS/HER own version of that solution s/he said she wanted from you!!!!
I have that experience all the time – and most times I simply cut all links with the person because THAT singular action betrays a lack of integrity that I cannot tolerate.
On one occasion, I got an invite to LIKE a page, from someone who had previously reached out for my help in developing a web marketing system.
Below is the text of the message I sent to the individual, in a bid to offer some reorientation and guidance:
Thanks for the invite to LIKE your page. I am quite willing to do what you ask and LIKE it. I would even gladly share the page to my wall, if you want me to.
However, I feell led to point out to you that I own several pages of my own (and even paid private groups) NONE of which I have EVER invited anyoine to LIKE.
In other words, I have let people find and LIKE them by themselves – by posting content that is in line with the page’s purpose, and which appeals to those who fit the target audience profile I have defined for each page.
I’ve written serveral articles in the past, to explain the thinking behind this counter-intuitive approach I recommend for adoption, which has helped me connect with REAL people with serious interest in what my page offers.
Below are links to a few that I am currently able to recall, which I suggest you explore to better understand what I mean.
Your purpose should NOT be to get MANY LIKES for your page = that is good, but it is better to get LIKES from the RIGHT kinds of people, if you hope to later convert them to buyers (your ultimate goal)!
TIP: I, for instance really do NOT think I fit what would be the target audience profile for your page. Honestly. You need to do the thinking regarding who does, and then use smart marketing content creation and propagation to ATTRACT them to the page.
Hope the articles below help…
[NB: This 3rd one is a paid product I published last year – but the preview I wrote should still give you some insights. I’m NOT adding it here to make you buy it.]
PS: Below is a link to part 3 of 4 in a series I wrote about how to measure a blog’s performance, 
The thinking in it also applies to use of a platform like Facebook where people comments, likes and shares are ways one can measure performance of content published by a page owner.
My experience has been that the nature of what you sell, and the kind of people likely to be interested in it can make you have a largely QUIET platform,with few or even no comments/likes per post, and yet you could still be making sales because visitors choose to skip doing all that and contact you directly via messaging, email or your website.
This 4 part series was written way back in October 2012, and today, I’ve amassed MANY experiences that confirm what I said then (based on my experiences for over 7 years before) was correct.
I hope you find some of these materials of some use – and I sincerely wish you well, as you work to make better use of the web to achieve your business marketing goals.
Here’s one final tip: Remember what I said during my talk – TRY NOT TO BE TOO DIRECT i.e. by doing outbound marketing. Focus instead of doing things that will bring people to you i.e. by doing in-bound marketing. It really works. Believe me 
FINAL WORDS: Hurry Merchants fret about paying for solutions that require NURTURING of potential sales leads
They want to speak/write to you now and have you dropping money once they make a Call To Action.
Sadly, the world does not work that way -at least for the most part. Not all products and services can be “sold” that way. Unless you’re lucky, you will need to invest quality, time, and effort to build the trust and credibility to win people over.
And to increase your chances of success, you will be better off learning the most effective and efficient way to get the results you want.

For those who struggle to make up their minds about whether or not to signup for my Web Marketing Support Service, I generally offer the insights below

If what I’ve written below does not make you feel “safe enough” to signup, call me and I will explain further why you do NOT need to be concerned about the “result”.
This is a passion for me. My purpose is to get MORE people to DISCOVER they can save LOTS of time, effort and money, while boosting their marketing reach and impact.
It’s a smarter way to do business.
All I need is your ACTIVE cooperation – you cannot be lazy about doing what I will ask of you. You must be ready to learn a new way of doing things and diligenly APPLY what you learn DAILY – like I do,
If you don’t succeed, I cannot brag about how my method works. People will assume it ONLY works for me.
This is why I want to work with persons who reach out to me.
AND if you do NOT give up on yourself, I will NOT give up on you.
My clients in/out of Africa value me because I KEEP MY PROMISES.
Call me, and I’ll ask you some questions to OPEN your eyes to the fact that you will be better off using this approach.

When you say RESULTS – there are 2 main ones to look forward to:

1. REDUCED MARKETING EXPENSES – you will begin to spend LESS money, time,  effort and resources to market your busines.
Doing so means you retain more of your income as profits, makign you better off
2. INCREASED SALES LEADS – While spending less you will be able to reach out to MORE people likely to be interested in what you sell, with your marketing messages.
And this will over time lead to increased sales leads (enquiries), which you will then work to convert to buyers.
The system I offer to setup for you will help you have MORE sales conversations over time – which is the key to making more sales.
Just understand that you MUST be prepared to do a lot of HARD work with me. If you’re NOT ready for that, it’s best you do NOT signup for  my offer.

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