FREE Talk – 3 Zero Cost Strategies to Attract Profitable Buyers for Your Farm Products – PLUS N20.5k Feed Formulation Software & Handbook Bundle Giveaway Promo [For Farmer Groups/Organisations Members]

Apart from attracting new members to join your group/organisation, this offer can make your existing members value their membership more.


Plus it can actually earn the body extra income at zero cost.


Interested persons can reach me using details provided below.


Click here to download the generic one page flyer that spells out details of my offer.


Click here to download the generic one page flyer that spells out details of my offer

What I propose can benefit your group/organization in multiple ways:


1. My FREE talk offers useful information/education about how to sell farm produce more profitably and in a sustainable manner.


Your members will greatly appreciate the extensive experience based knowledge and insights I have to offer.


2. I offer my popular Feed Formulation Bundle at a huge discount (over 50%) to registered members of every group/organisation that invites me to give the above FREE talk.


A. You can use that to attract more people to register/join your organization I.e if they join you, they get to pay over 50% less than they would, if they bought directly from me: see normal prices at www.tayosolagbade.com/sdn-sell.htm


B. You can also use this hefty discount benefit to boost the prestige/bragging rights of your existing members, making them value their membership more – and they would tell others.


3. What’s more, your organization/group can also earn additional income if up to 50 or more of your members order my Feed Formulation Bundle.


Contact me for details about this – click here.


Let me know if you’d like to take up this offer.


Note that the organisation inviting me to deliver the FREE talk will cover relevant costs (transportation etc).


I can be reached on +234 803 302 1263 (in Nigeria – where I’m currently with my family) or +229 66 122 136 (in Benin Republic – which is my base).




Before you call me, you need to first of all click here to send me a formal notification with your full details in my website request form – click here now.

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Practical Livestock Feed Formulation Handbook

Available as a PDF ebook, and also as a spiral bound print manual (from me). Click here for details.

You can also get it as an PDF ebook via my online store.

Screenshot of ebook in online store

$82.5 USD to buy it from my online store (PDF download)

N8,000.00 [Eight Thousand Naira] for persons who wish to send payment direct to my bank account.

Payment of N50,000.00 gets you the physical handbook and software on CD with videos etc, PLUS practical one-on-one, in person training with me at a feed mill in Lagos, Nigeria.

Click here to contact me about purchasing this product.

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I look forward to meeting and/or working with you!

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Tayo K. Solagbade*
Performance Improvement Specialist & Multipreneur
*Best Practice Farm Business Support Specialist
& Founder of the MS Excel Heaven Visual Basic Automation Club & Competition(www.excelheaven.biz)



Excel-VB Driven Ration Formulator

Click to view larger screenshot

1. Click here to learn more about this app - watch demo videos etc

2. Click here to watch a 4 part video in which I demonstrate how to use this app to formulate rations using real life data sent to me by an Algerian PhD student.

Click here to contact me about purchasing this product.


Click here to download a detailed PDF user guide and watch 15 screen shot user guide tutorials of the Monthly Poultry Farm Manager that I now offer Farm CEOs.

Click here to watch a screenshot demonstration of the Excel-VB Driven Poultry Farm Manager I built for a client farm business in Ekiti state, South West Nigeria.

Click here to contact me about purchasing this product.

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