TRUE STORY: A WMS Makes You Confident That Your Marketing is NOT Missing Anything [Hint: You Avoid Free Loaders/Time Wasters & Attract High Quality Buyers]

The best way to sell is to make potential buyers COME TO YOU (e.g see the recent email conversation reproduced below, that I had with a prospective client who read one of my articles and went on to call me – later calling back for his wife to speak with me – about the solution I offer persons interested in visiting, relocating to, or doing business in Benin Republic).

From: (Name and email addressed removed for privacy)
Date: Mon, May 28, 2018
Subject: Hello Tayo,
To: Tayo at TayoSolagbadeDotCom

Good morning,my name is (name removed for privacy) am a Nigerian, please I would love to call you and make some inquiries from you about Benin Republic I would love to relocate my business(Factory) there ,but I need a professional like you to help me in many areas,I have been reading your articles all through the night
You can see that’s why am sending the email at this time of the day 4:44am please kindly pick my calls God bless and have a nice sleep.

(name removed for privacy)


NB: He called me early that morning, before I even saw the above email and we had a long discussion in which he literally poured his heart out in terms of challenges he was facing and what he needed help with.

Below are SMSes we exchanged in between the calls:
—— SMS ——
To: 080xxxxxxxx
Sent: May 29, 2018 09:20

Ok. Seen your email. Will get back to you

—— SMS ——
From: +234xxxxxxxx
Received: May 29, 2018 09:21

Ok please Tayo my wife wants to speak to to you can I call you again pls

—— SMS ——
To: 080xxxxxxxx
Sent: May 29, 2018 09:25

Ok please let her call


Below: By the time I spoke on phone with his wife, the series of questions they wanted me to answer made it clear I needed to switch to formal mode and invite them to TAKE ACTION to get what they wanted via my DiscoverCotonou.com offer.

So I told them to look out for my email which would spell out the requirements for them to decide whether or not to signup.

See the email I sent them below:

From: Tayo Solagbade
Date: Tue, May 29, 2018
Subject: Re: Hello Tayo,
To: (Name and email addressed removed for privacy)

Dear (name removed for privacy),

Thanks for your email and your phone call.
It was great speaking with you and your wife this morning.
Like I told you when we spoke, I decided to launch www.DiscoverCotonou.com in December, to provide support to ANY persons from within or outside Africa interested in visiting, relocating to, or doing business in Benin Republic.
it’s a Product/Service Travel Solution designed to give those willing to take action, a LOW cost means to achieve their goals.
Below is the article I published formally announcing it. Read it to get an overview of what I offer.
To signup for this FREE Market Entry Support Service, you need to join my DiscoverCotonou.com members-only club.
How:  By paying N50k (or $150) – you can pay N40k if you pay before 6p.m today.
Terms: This is a ONE time payment and YOUR membership is for LIFE i.e You never pay any renewal fees or anything of the sort.
I make this offer to enable my club members safely and cost-effectively explore the opportunities to be had in Benin Republic. It goes without saying that I will put my knowledge, experience and network of contacts to work for you. That means you’ll have LESS to worry about in terms of finding and working with a trusted professional who will look out for your interest at all times.
Everything you’ve asked about concerning moving your factory, and your family etc is covered by this FREE support service.
Why am I willing to do this?
It;’s because I have a passion to support other experts to make the most of themselves by exploring opportunities available around them in their immediate societies as well as outside.
What I’ve seen from my travels convinces me that many will benefit from exploring business/other opportunities in neighboring countries, like I’m doing. If that happens, it would mean MORE income for them and trickle down to their families and societies. I want to be part of that process, and I’m determined to do it as a public service.
I also plan to use DiscoverCotonou.com to provide FREE learning events in Benin Republic e.g how to use Pineapple Peels to make drinks you can sell, which I’m getting more invitations to run (see THIS article from a recent outing in Sapele)
How can I afford to do it FREE?
I am a Location Independent Multipreneur i.e a multiskilled entrepreneur with a range of mainly digital solutions that earn me both passive and active income regardless of my location from target audiences online as well as off the web – as I travel.
Read THIS article to true stories get an idea of the variety of channels through which I earn income.
See a listing of some of my products/services at http://tayosolagbade.com/sdn-sell.htm
I prefer to use my time to generate sales leads for the above, so that I can provide my FREE Market Entry Support Service to those who really need it. 
Over time, I KNOW a network of those I help in this manner will yield mutually rewarding benefits for all of us.
For instance, I believe you will find some of the local drink making companies health drink products of potential interest.
Read the article below, that I wrote in my Farm CEO newspaper about some of them who asked me to help them with marketing support to access the Nigerian market (using my 1 Year Web Marketing Support Service)
What do you need to do to get started with DiscoverCotonou?
Make payment to join the club.
It’s N50k (or $150) – you can pay N40k if you pay before 6p.m today.
1. Once your payment is received, I will send you a PDF invoice reflecting it PLUS an MS Word based questionnaire to complete.
2. You will fill in details into the questionnaire about yourself, your business etc. It ends with a section in which you will have to itemize, with numbering, the specific tasks you would like me to help you with, regarding your interest in relocating to Cotonou.
3. You will then save and email me the filled MS Word based questionnaire.;
4. Once I get it, I will agree a date/time to call and speak with you about your responses, towards ensuring I get a full understanding of your needs.
5. After that, I will prepare and email you an action plan, with details of what will be needed to implement it.
Let me know if you have any questions or require clarification.
With kindest regards,
Tayo K. Solagbade*
Location Independent Performance Improvement Specialist & Multipreneur
*Best Practice Farm Business Support Specialist & Founder of the Cost-Saving Farm Business Ideas Club
*Custom Excel-VB Solutions Developer & Founder of the MS Excel Heaven Visual Basic Automation Club & Competition
*Creator of the Zero Cost Web Marketing System and Founder of the Web Marketing for CEOs Club
Mobile: +234-803-302-1263 (in Nigeria) or +229-66-122-136 (in Benin Republic)
Email:tayo at tksoladotcom or tayo at tayosolagbadedotcom
http://www.tayosolagbade.com [Flagship Performance Improvement Website]
http://www.thefarmceo.net [The Farm CEO Newspaper]
http://www.excelheaven.biz [Custom Excel Visual Basic driven Software Development]
http://www.tksola.com [Response Generating Writing and Web Marketing Solutions]
http://www.discovercotonou.com [Product/Service Travel Website]

For me, smart use of my Web Marketing System (WMS) ensures I screen free loaders out of my sales funnel, and by so doing do NOT get my time wasted or have myself used and dumped.

It’s not perfect. Nothing (and no one) ever is. But I’ve found it quite effective and efficient in managing my marketing and sales efforts productively.

Any system that can help you achieve that outcome at low to zero cost is one you should embrace.

You see, too many people let fear of losing potential clients make them delay setting hurdles of this kind for prospects to scale.

What I have found out over the past years of selling all sorts of digital and physical solutions in widely varying audiences is that you get HIGHER quality buyers with LESS fretting when you have a system like this in place.

This is because you KNOW, for sure, that you are not missing ANYTHING in what you’re SAYING to them or offering, and therefore if they fail to come on board, it will most likely be because they do NOT fit your target audience profile. And THAT means you are better off without them.

Having said the above, the truth is that it is NOT easy to develop a system and keep it working the way you want.

This is why it often makes sense to seek out and learn from others who have developed such systems, so you can adapt it to suit your needs.

My customizable Web Marketing System (WMS) is one such system and I offer a service in which I help clients use it to boost their own marketing reach and impact, like I do.

READ: Response Generating Writing & Web Marketing Solutions

Preview: I employ creative writing on topics relevant to my target niches, to generate a relentless stream of smart marketing writing content to cost-effectively promote the different solutions I offer. This has boosted my name/brand recognition, earning me increased followership, mentions, as well as quality sales leads. If you’re looking for a writing professional you can engage and feel safe with, you’re in the right place. Here are specific examples of ways in which I can help you: 1. Book Writing

Ghostwriting, editing, proofreading, electronic transfer of manuscripts, cover designs, as well as



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Practical Livestock Feed Formulation Handbook

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You can also get it as an PDF ebook via my online store.

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$82.5 USD to buy it from my online store (PDF download)

N8,000.00 [Eight Thousand Naira] for persons who wish to send payment direct to my bank account.

Payment of N50,000.00 gets you the physical handbook and software on CD with videos etc, PLUS practical one-on-one, in person training with me at a feed mill in Lagos, Nigeria.

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*Best Practice Farm Business Support Specialist
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