A New Generation of Entrepreneurs PROVES That Our Schools Need To Offer a Different Kind of Education!

Written by Tayo Solagbade

Topics: Entrepreneurship

[WARNING: To get useful value from reading this post, you’ll need to keep an open mind. Like the saying goes “The mind is like a parachute. It works best when it is open”.]

It’s becoming more and more obvious that society is evolving so rapidly that jobs and vocations as we’ve known them are being forced to change or in some cases simply “disappear”.

So many companies now take advantage of PC and Internet technology to reduce dependence on employees.

And for those that choose to retain people, more of them favour having certain roles outsourced to remotely located workers. This ensures they can optimize what they spend on manpower.

Schools "Un-Prepare" Us to Be Entrepreneurs

But the above situation is bad news for many of those who went through traditional schooling in the hope of securing traditional employment.

If it’s not already obvious to you, here’s why: Most people who attend formal schooling are often not prepared for the possibility of a lack of jobs. What’s more, in the past, when jobs were not forthcoming, those who had the courage could easily launch out into self-employment.

Unfortunately, traditionally schooled people are not well equipped to succeed as entrepreneurs in today’s world. They’ve been wrongly prepared by the school system that produced them.

Formal schooling teaches us to be willing to follow laid down rules and guidelines – no matter what. We are literally programmed to respond predictably to orders, and to NOT desire to stand out or be different. In other words, formal schooling conditions us to blend with the rest of society – and to avoid rocking the boat.

Then we enter the real world and we find we’re in trouble – because we lack important real-world relevant “savvy” and skills. As a result, the “well schooled” – surprisingly – tend to struggle more than those who either never underwent formal schooling, or chose to jump ship at some stage BEFORE they got completely “conditioned”.

Those less-schooled people enter the real world with an edge over those who finished formal schooling. This is the reality that confronts most adults today, even though many still stubbornly refuse to acknowledge it.

My Top Grades Did Nothing to Prepare Me for Business in My Society

Despite excelling right through university, graduating top of my class and narrowly failing to get a first class degree (my 5.9 vs. target 6.0), I got into the real world to discover that almost everything I’d learnt back there was totally useless to me, in my bid to make a success of myself as an adult.

A seven year stint in the “insulated” environment of lucrative corporate paid employment was an eye opener for me.

I was amazed by how I rapidly taught myself new skills to excel in fields I had no formal training (e.g. brewing and spreadsheet automation).

This stirred a new awakening in me. I realized that I had to become self-employed, if I was to feel fulfilled. And I could not help wondering if the time I’d spent getting a degree could not have been better spent.

I became an entrepreneur over ten years ago. My experiences and observations during that time have led me to a firm conclusion: Conventional schooling as is offered in most societies currently does not offer enough of the kind of preparation needed for one to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world.

The Internet Age Requires a Different Form of Schooling

I want to protect my kids from experiencing a similar rude awakening to mine. That’s why I’m deliberately coaching them to develop real world relevant skills early on – in writing, typing, using the PC and especially the Internet as a means of earning a living. They will acquire other vocational skills. But the digital ones will be key to their success.

Today’s Internet driven digital world makes success accessible to anyone who can read and write i.e. anyone willing to exploit PC and Internet technology to deliver unique value to those who need it, in exchange for profitable financial remuneration for herself.

Some people who are still trapped in the old world order mentality of going to school, getting a degree, and finding a good job, have criticized my thinking.

But I’ve told my kids that – if they want – they CAN develop the competence to begin earning income via the Internet (using what I teach them) before they leave school.

I’ve also emphasized to them that what they earn will be determined by the quality of value they provide (e.g. products/services they provide) – and NOT by the kind of certificates or degrees they have (or lack).

Think about it: so many people are still graduating into the jobs market every year even as unemployment rates soar in most societies. Who’s going to give those new graduates jobs?

I don’t need a PhD to understand this. It’s obvious to anyone willing to think objectively about it!

A New Generation of Entrepreneurs Now Rules

It is because of the above situation that a new era has begun- for entrepreneurs – in most societies across the world.

Highly skilled people are quitting from high paying jobs in expensive cities like California and New York, and relocating to the Philippines, Hong Kong and other areas of the world with much lower costs of living. And most are launching micro-enterprises.

Why? Because they want to live more fulfilled lives – away from pressures of high costs of living – while using their skills to earn a living.

Luckily for them, the kinds of skills they have can be used to earn income anywhere an Internet connection can be had.

Almost every reasonably modern society has them. And they are rapidly influencing those in less aware economies. It’s a movement driven by the Internet’s ability to stretch beyond borders, and create value for people at both ends.

That’s why we’re seeing more people becoming entrepreneurs today. But not the kind from the past who had huge offices and employed armies. This time around, especially with the Internet’s increasing influence, we’re hearing of Location Independent Entrepreneurs, Digital Nomads, and so on.

This new generation of entrepreneurs comprises mostly “solo acts”/micro-entrepreneurs (sometimes in small groups) who take advantage of Internet technology to earn a living by serving clients and customers across the globe from the corners of their “rooms” at home.

And Don’t Be Fooled By the Fact That They “Work-From-Home”…or “Anywhere”

Some of these guys chalk up huge earnings while operating in this manner – sometimes more than others who still do the traditional 8 to 5 commute to fortune 500 jobs!

And they get their education NOT from traditional schools, but from their own specially created communities, where essential skills for success are learned.

If you plan to be an entrepreneur in today’s world, this is one path you may wish to consider following.

It must be said however, that it is not for everyone.

If however you choose it, remember you’ll need to re-educate yourself by un-learning and re-learning many things in order to succeed.

Thankfully, there are useful learning resources online you can start with:

1. Future Expats Forum: http://futureexpats.com/

2. Digital Nomad Academy: http://digitalnomadacademy.org

3. The Art Of Non-Conformity: http://chrisguillebeau.com/3×5/category/worlddomination/

NB: Download Chris’ Brief Guide To World Domination: http://chrisguillebeau.com/3×5/a-brief-guide-to-world-domination/

4. Download the Internet Lifestyle Manifesto from http://www.mymarketingcoach.com

5. Lastly, Google “Digital Nomad” and “Location Independent Entrepreneurs”. You should find more to satisfy your curiousity!

Good luck.

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