When YOU Love Writing Enough, It Will Reveal All Its Secrets To YOU!

Has anyone ever told you that YOU were born a writer? If no, then I just did. And I assure you that it is true.If you have never thought about yourself this way, that’s probaby just because, the conditioning you’ve received from society has made you forget. This article explains how re-discovering and embracing this inborn ability will help you uncover secrets you need to excel at writing.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said:

“The power that is in you is new in nature. And none but you know what that is that you can do. Nor do you know until you try.”

I’m Living Proof That It Is True

Once you have the ability to read, hear, think and reason, you can be a writer. It’s that simple. If you could ask any of those who knew me as a child or during my days in school, the last thing anyone imagined me doing was writing – the way I do today, for myself, and for clients .

I’ve since seen others who never showed any aptitude for – or interest in – writing, suddenly venture into it, and get hooked. That’s why we have medical doctors, musicians, fashion designers, photographers, scientists, and people in many unlikely fields who write. And they often do so seriously too – many getting well paid in the process as well.

But Why Should You Believe Me?

Well, you see I’ve used my writing to achieve all kinds of (what I used to think were impossible) goals – including getting people to part with money for different things I sell (e.g. custom Excel-Visual Basic Driven software, for feed formulation, payslip generation etc); print and eBooks, usage rights to articles, consultations etc).

Considering my part of the world from which I’ve done it, I believe this achievement becomes even more significant.

What’s more, I’ve continued all this, despite relentless sponsored efforts to sabotage my work online.

A few years ago, my name was not known in certain circles. In my own country, many who knew me did not take my writing seriously.

But today, relentless use of my writing to boost name recognition and marketing reach has gotten me massive positive benefits.

And it cost me nothing more than the effort and time spent writing the relevant pieces.

And I’ll do more with time – the efforts of any detractors notwithstanding.

I Say The Above Not to Massage My Ego, But to Show You Can Do the Same

Just like me, you can (and probably already) do something similar – or better (like 19 year old Bamidele Onibalusi, who I love to brag about all the time). The problem, for some people, may however be that they do not yet believe they were born to write.

So, I’m going to say it again: You were born to write. Everybody was born with the innate instinct – and capacity – to write!

However, not everyone keys in to that realization early on in life. Some of us take a while to discover and take ownership of that inborn ability. Others may never, possibly because their interests and vocations (sometimes their fears!) won’t let them go in that direction.

When You Love Writing Enough, It Will Reveal All Its Secrets To You

I coined the above phrase from a quote used by Burt Dubin (which he credited to an author I cannot recall) during an interview.

The original quote went thus:

“When you love something enough, it reveals all its secrets to you.”

Burt Dubin is a renowned mentor of some of the world’s highest paid professional speakers. So he commands the attention of listeners when he speaks on the subject of achievement.

He also shared some useful information about Leonardo Da Vinci, as written by a biographer (in the encyclopedia Britannica):

“From his earliest days, he flung himself upon his studies with an unprecedented ardor of delight and curiosity.”

Based on the above Burt rightly advocates immersing yourself in your vocation, with the ardor of a lover, if you want to excel at it.

He noted that that was how Da Vinci developed the concept of submarines, aircraft and more, “hundreds of years before they were invented”.

Burt further noted that that was how he (i.e. Burt) developed his unique grasp of the speaking business.

It goes without saying, therefore, that that IS what YOU need to do as well, if you want to excel at writing – or indeed any other vocation that catches your fancy..

Like I said when I started this piece, you were born to write. Therefore, to paraphrase Mr. Dubin, “Surrender to Your Purpose”!

The results won’t appear overnight. But as you continue, you’ll gradually begin delivering amazing writing output. And those who read your work will confirm it.

Good luck!

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