What You Need to Achieve Web Marketing Success (4 Tips)

If you’re a Farm CEO or independent professional (e.g. experts-who-speak
and consultants in various fields) looking to cost-effectively reach potential buyers, an intelligent Web Marketing System(WMS) can help you.

This article outlines key elements that comprise such a system …including my special service offer to support YOU!

What Do You Need to Achieve Web Marketing Success?

I’ll tell you.

First, let me say that further down I tell you how to request a PDF download about my offer to help you get started, and also teach you to carry on by yourself.

When you go through it, you’ll be shocked to discover that my offer effectively lets you eat your cake, and still have it!

Now, I’ll explain those key elements you need in your arsenal, to achieve Web Marketing success…

1. CMS (Content Management System) Based WEB DESIGN

So, you definitely need a website. But let me tell you this.

It’s not just any kind of website.

First it must NOT be a static html based one. Secondly, it must be dynamic and database driven.

And thirdly, it must be user friendly, to the extent that a novice owner can quickly learn to make most content updates and modifications to it, without help, once s/he has been taught how.

Remember this: Stay away from bells and whistles!

You see, functionality (what you want the website to do for you) must be the main determinant of the shape/form you choose to give your website.

Today’s serious minded and smart buyers pay bells and whistles little attention. They know something better can turn up tomorrow – even from a high school kid. And they know it’s rarely a sign of quality, and credibility. Even scam websites look better than some authentic corporate websites!

A better way to impress is to offer useful content on a regular basis.

That’s the core of web marketing success. Indeed marketing success generally!

That’s why I offer all clients a FREE WYSIWYG based dynamic/database driven website, charging a fee for only the content copy writing.

If you pay for 3 or more years hosting with my CB Solutions web hosting platform, and you request it, I will build your website for you, using a powerful CMS (either Joomla! or WordPress) that allows YOU manage it yourself.

And you’ll also get the content copywriting at no charge.

View Business & Pro hosting plans here….


Article writing is at the heart of today’s credibility boosting web marketing.

Ultimately, nothing else beats it as a means to achieving the end of timeless marketing that attracts sales leads to you, even while you sleep.

You’re reading this right now, NOT because you saw an advert I paid for somewhere on or off the web.

Like many thousands of other readers who follow my work online, you most likely found me via the trail of my past writings, syndicated via social media, on other websites, and/or thrown up in search engine results pages.

Some people spend good money to get similar exposure. But after their money "expires", their "visibility" also diminishes as well.

In my case, and the case of those smart others who use this strategy, what we publish online stays there, and keeps getting found by others.

Our names become more recognized over time, and this confers an authority status on us, that boosts the credibility of the solutions we offer.

If you adopt a similar strategy, you will reap the same, or even better rewards.


This is related to 2. above.

But this time you’ll be writing to further cement the credibility you earn with those who read your articles and sign up for your newsletter.

Your newsletter should ideally be branded with a unique name that accurately describes what you do, and how it benefits those you want to sell to, or influence.

Even more important, for this and item 2. above, is that you must convey the impression of consistency by following a regular schedule in implementing these 2 strategies.

Otherwise, those you seek to attract may struggle to buy into you, for the long term. And you do need that to happen to ensure selling success!

Again, I offer to help those who signup for my offer.

For the 1st 3 months: I will create & subsequently publish YOUR branded monthly HTML e-mail newsletter using an automated mailing list software.


This is crucially important.

You need a blog to act as your mouthpiece – Your PR manager, if you will.

This is where your "news" and latest updates, and ideas will be published from.

In other words, your articles and newsletter will ideally be deployed from this platform.

But you’ll also need to link it to your other online self-promotion channels (e.g. Google plus, Facebook, Twitter etc).

Where possibly, you will set them up to be be automatically updated from the blog, anytime you add new content. That will save you time, and effort and boost your content syndication efforts dramatically.

I call this "implementing blog content driven, zero cost search engine optimization and social media marketing to make potential customers contact YOU."

Can’t do it alone? Or don’t know how to get started?

No problem.

I can collaborate with you and/or anyone you assign from your team, to write, publish & syndicate articles online in YOUR name.

All you need do is signup for my Web Marketing for CEOs offer. Details further down.

First, let me say who my offer is NOT for…

This service is NOT open to groups or large organizations (e.g. educational or religious institutions, or social clubs etc).

Instead, Farm CEOs, and independent professionals (especially experts-who-speak, consultants and solopreneurs in various fields) are the main target audience.

Apart from Doing 1 to 4 Above, for You, I Will…

a. Give You Free Web Marketing Coaching

I will prepare for you – and coach you to use – a PDF Web Marketing Plan (think of it as a Biz Plan for your online presence) written and customized specially for you/your company, so you can continue your web marketing after I leave.

b. Send you a Weekly Web Marketing TIPS Newsletter

You will get a LIFETIME subscription to my new Web Marketing for CEOs TIPS newsletter – delivered ONLY to web marketing clients/club members."

I DO NOT sell subscription to this resource.

c. Give You a Lifetime 50% Discount to my Products/Services

After the first 3 months (in which I do 2, 3 and 4 for you) expire, you will FOREVER be able to purchase all my products/services at 50% off.

In case you’re wondering…the products/services include:

(a). Items 2 to 4 above…

(b). My Custom Excel-VB driven software e.g. Payslip Generator; Biz Contacts Manager; Invoice Generator, Poultry Farm Manager etc (but excluding my Feed Formulation products).

(c). My Cost-Saving Best Practice Farm Business Support Services (e.g. the BOPMS for Profitable Farm Management)

(d). My information products at www.lulul.com/sdaproducts (but excluding my Feed Formulation Handbook).

You’ll simply note down those you want, and send me your request.

Question: Why am I doing this?

Answer: I want MORE people to KNOW me. I also want MORE web hosting clients – who will REAP web marketing profits, THEN tell others about what I DO for them!

What Do You Need to Do, to Signup?

Click here to send me a request for my PDF offer which contains full details.

Click here to send me a request for my PDF offer which contains full details about my Hosting With Web Marketing for Farm CEOs & Other Experts

A Friendly Warning: I Have to Feel I Can Work With You to Achieve GOOD RESULTS!

My reason for doing this is to further boost my name recognition as a Performance Improvement Specialist in the area of Web Marketing Systems development and implementation.

The LOW entry fee is designed to make it easier for as many as may need support, to come on board..

However, this is NOT an all comers club. Not everyone who indicates interest, and says s/he is ready to pay will be accepted by me.

I WILL therefore have a serious discussion with EACH person who indicates interest, to decide if I can work with him/her.

If my gut tells me you’re unlikely to be willing/able to meet me halfway, to achieve the goals we agree, I won’t take you on.

And that’s also why the offer is ONLY open to a limited number of people at a time.

PS: I Have Told You WHAT to Do, But Not How to Do It…

It’s possible some people will be able to take what I’ve said above and run with it, to achieve their desired goals.

If you’re able to do that, my congratulations to you – and do let me have some feedback on how you get on :-)

Incidentally, this is not the first time I’m writing about all this.

But it is the first time I’m making an offer of this kind.

And that’s because what I see suggests most people still do NOT get it!

So, if you’re one of the many I have over time come to discover need support to get it done (and there is NOTHING wrong with needing support), then the offer I’ve made here is for you.

Simply fill/submit this web form, to indicate your interest (I’ll send you the PDF with details once I get your message).

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Practical Livestock Feed Formulation Handbook

Available as a PDF ebook, and also as a spiral bound print manual (from me). Click here for details.

You can also get it as an PDF ebook via my online store.

Screenshot of ebook in online store

$82.5 USD to buy it from my online store (PDF download)

N8,000.00 [Eight Thousand Naira] for persons who wish to send payment direct to my bank account.

Payment of N50,000.00 gets you the physical handbook and software on CD with videos etc, PLUS practical one-on-one, in person training with me at a feed mill in Lagos, Nigeria.

Click here to contact me about purchasing this product.

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I look forward to meeting and/or working with you!

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