Learn Practical Feed Formulation

Requests I’ve gotten from persons wishing to learn Feed Formulation last year made me decide to offer an in person coaching service.

I’ve already had someone travel all the way from Akwa Ibom state specifically for this learning event. We met at the
Agric. Development Authority premises and had a great time visiting feed mills along the Oko Oba, Agege road.

Apart from developing Automated Excel Software (like my popular Livestock Ration Formulator), I also develop and implement web marketing systems, in addition to freelance writing for clients and on my own websites/blogs.

This is why the attention I pay to the Cost-Saving Farm Business Ideas service is designed to be on a needs basis.

If you’re interested in booking a similar session, I provide relevant details below

1. To “teach” you practical feed formulation in person, one-on-one, will require a 100% advance payment of a non-refundable fee of N50,000.00.

This will get you a 4 hour session with me, in which I will take you through the theoretical aspect of using the Pearson Square Calculation to formulate your livestock ration.

This will be followed with the physical selection, weighing and milling of the feed ingredients in the appropriate quantities at a feed mill.

You will get a printed and bound copy of my popular Practical Livestock Feed Formulation Handbook at NO EXTRA CHARGE (N8,000 value).

2. I’ve had some ask me if I’ll provide on-farm practical training on livestock feed formulation.

First of all, I do NOT run a farm currently. I am a multipreneur, earning income using a variety of skills.

As is stated on my Cost Saving Farm Business Ideas website, I plan to establish a Farm Business Support and Extension Advisory Services Center at some point in the future.

But for now, I do NOT run a farm.

However, a read through the website will reveal I have reliable farm business exposure, experience and network of contacts with farm business owners within and outside Lagos.

Now, I’m not sure how much experience or knowledge you have of feed compounding, but the truth is most of what it entails can happen right in your bedroom – and you’ll only need to step out when you want to measure out the different ingredients in your formula, so as to take them down to the feed mill.

What I’m saying in essence is that typically a farm owner, if knowledgeable about feed formulation, will do his/her calculations, and then measure out the different quantities of feed ingredients based on his computed feeding formula.

S/he will then grind them all together to the right consistency for the livestock s/he aims to feed.

Indeed, you may find you go from your home, to the feed mill FIRST, and only arrive the farm when you have the milled feed ready for use in feeding your animals.

Simply put therefore, “on-farm practical training on livestock feed formulation” is not really an issue to worry about.

Once you understand the practical science of feed formulation, and gain insight into how to select good quality ingredients (with reasonably accurate nutrient composition data), you are good to go.

A Suggestion For You

It’s up to you to decide, but I believe unless you doubt your ability to understand written notes and follow step by step guidelines, you would save a lot of money by simply purchasing the feed formulation handbook, and/or the software with it’s user guide and video tutorials. This entitles you to get FREE support via phone and e-mail whenever you need help.

Learn More About The Feed Formulation Handbook & Software

You can learn more about my Feed Formulation Handbook and software by visiting this page:

Among other things, you’ll:

A. gain access to links leading to a video demonstrations of the spreadsheet software being used to formulate a ration

B. read answers to Frequently Asked Questions from past buyers and enquirers

Get The New/Enhanced Ration Formulator

Below is a screenshot showing newly added user interfaces in the software. Price is N12,500.

It now provides 7 additional rows for feed ingredients, making a total of 19.

Click to enlarge

Past buyers get this new version free.

Download the PDF guide from

How The New Ration Formulator Works

Included in the attached zipped folder along with the app is a workbook named “RF-Export.xls”.

This is where the Ration Formulator will export each of your derived formulas when you click the Export Formula button.

Please note that all 3 files (i.e the app, the export file and the PDF userguide) MUST always be kept in the same location when you’re using the Ration Formulator!


The app also enables storage, edit and export of derived ration formulas.

Click to enlarge

It is assumed that you will use the floating data entry form FIRST, to generate a new ration formula, before you try to store a formula using the newly introduced form.

So, before anything else, you MUST FIRST click the “Use Automatic Form” button. This will prepare the spreadsheet to allow changes you’ll be making via ANY of the floating forms.

When that form loads, if you have no wish to use it to generate a formula, close it.

(NB: If you do not do the above, you are likely to encounter problems making use of the new form for storing formulas.)

Next, proceed as follows:

1. Click button labelled “Store THIS Formula…” to call up the newly added formula storage/retrieval form.

2. Storing a formula:

To store the formula currently displayed in the Ration Formulation table, type the name you want to use for it into the “Name” field and click the “Store This Formula Here” button.

3. Deleting a formula:

Clicking the “Erase ” button will generate a confirmation prompt that you must click YES on, if you wish to have the corresponding formula and name erased.

You will visually notice the update done by the app, as the formula’s name is removed from the form to complete the process.

4. Don’t Forget To SAVE Your Formula:

You must click the “…Save Changes” button provided (and complete the saving process) BEFORE you exit or close the software, if you want any formula(s) you named or erased to be updated permanently.

Note that by defult, the new form will load the names for any formulas already stored when you call it up. You can always REPLACE or typeover such preexisting names to store a new formula. But the new formula will also replace the preexisting formula.

EXPORT FEATURE: See the PDF guide for full details of this and the above, complete with annotated screenshot images. should get it right soon, and it’ll be sent after full testing to all existing users.

Order The Least Cost Ration Formulator

I’ve now finished the user guide for the Least Cost Ration Formulator which a number of past buyers enquired about.

Apart from enabling a user set criteria (e.g. target protein, energy etc) and generate a least cost ration, it also comes with ALL the new features in the free upgrade version of the Basic Ration Formulator.

But it does even more, as it stores, edits and exports formulas in thousands.

Click to enlarge

This makes it potentially useful for consultants formulating rations for others.

Price = N25,000.00

As stated on my website purchases of N8,000 and above entitle buyers to a lifetime discount of 40% and one year membership of my Farm Biz Ideas online club.

That means you pay only N15,000 as a past buyer.

Videos and a PDF guide will be put up soon for this latest product.

[IMPORTANT: This blog's contents are being updated following the transfer to www.tayosolagbade.com from my former domain - Spontaneousdevelopment.com. As a result, some parts of it may not work properly for now. Quick Tip: If a link contains "spontaneousdevelopment.com", simply change it to "tayosolagbade.com" - and it should work. This applies to article links as well as image links. Work continues to update the links(in over 500 articles). Tayo K. Solagbade.]

Practical Livestock Feed Formulation Handbook

Available as a PDF ebook, and also as a spiral bound print manual (from me). Click here for details.

You can also get it as an PDF ebook via my online store.

Screenshot of ebook in online store

$82.5 USD to buy it from my online store (PDF download)

N8,000.00 [Eight Thousand Naira] for persons who wish to send payment direct to my bank account.

Payment of N50,000.00 gets you the physical handbook and software on CD with videos etc, PLUS practical one-on-one, in person training with me at a feed mill in Lagos, Nigeria.

Click here to contact me about purchasing this product.

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I look forward to meeting and/or working with you!

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Excel-VB Driven Ration Formulator

Click to view larger screenshot

1. Click here to learn more about this app - watch demo videos etc

2. Click here to watch a 4 part video in which I demonstrate how to use this app to formulate rations using real life data sent to me by an Algerian PhD student.

Click here to contact me about purchasing this product.


Click here to download a detailed PDF user guide and watch 15 screen shot user guide tutorials of the Monthly Poultry Farm Manager that I now offer Farm CEOs.

Click here to watch a screenshot demonstration of the Excel-VB Driven Poultry Farm Manager I built for a client farm business in Ekiti state, South West Nigeria.

Click here to contact me about purchasing this product.

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