Layout Plan for TK Solagbade’s Proposed Best Practice Farm Biz Support Centre (FBSC)™ – Benin Republic

This Best Practice Farm Biz Support Centre (FBSC)™tentative layout plan below – was first conceived in 2000  by Tayo Solagbade, to function as a creative Research/Extension Advisory Services provider. Its purpose is to continuously investigate, document and publish Best Practice ways of rearing livestock (especially poultry, fish, and rabbits) and growing crops, as well as marketing BOTH crops and livestock, for higher yields and profits, using locally sourced materials and indigenous knowledge/skills.

This Best Practice Farm Biz Support Centre (FBSC)™ - tentative layout plan below - was first conceived in 2000  by Tayo Solagbade, to function as a creative Research/Extension Advisory Services provider.

Central to the FBSC™‘s mode of operation will be elaborate development of custom Excel-Visual Basic driven software for data recording, analysis and report generation in carrying out the above activities. The low cost, easy-to-use apps tested in real life situations, will then be made available for use by farm businesses (as done with Tayo’s Ration Formulator, and Poultry Farm Manager), to boost performance measurement for timely decision making.

Regular readers of my writing know – from past articles I’ve written (like this one – click here) – that I am a keen student/active practitioner of the Science Of Getting Rich (SOGR).

If you don’t know what that means, I can tell you right here and NOW that you are MISSING out on a whole lot of powerful (and FREE) knowledge as well as insights that can empower you to achieve your FULL God-given potentials on earth.

Take it from me: The SOGR is a tried and tested foundation on which superlative human achievement can be built.

It is a proven path through which you connect to your inner God-like self and begin to manifest what others consider IMPOSSIBLE, yet make it look EASY.

You will be seen as a person who encounters (what they consider) the most devastatingly daunting kinds of adversity in your personal and work live YET gets back up time and time again to overcome it, and achieve at even greater heights.

My life is proof of it: I have defied and continue to defy adversity in every shape and form that it has shown up in my life, to record advancement in my personal and work life that I began by VISUALIZING – which is a key requirement for the successful practice of the SOGR.

Simply put, the practice of SOGR involves being able to LIVE inside your head and SEE only that which you want to see for yourself, about yourself, in terms of what is possible for you to accomplish.

And you will do that relentlessly, REGARDLESS of whatever may be around you physically, and not minding what ANYBODY outside of you says!

Veteran adherents to the SOGR emphasize KEEPING what we call a Clear Mental Image (CMI for short) – firmly in your mind

To achieve it, you MUST keep a CMI of the what you desire (a house, a car, money, a victory etc) as you go about your daily affairs.

Your CMI (along with the right thoughts and actions you take) will help you kick-start forces setup in nature by the creator that will ATTRACT what you desire to you.

The layout plan you see on this page, is based on the CMI I have kept for YEARS, of my Proposed Best Practice Farm Biz Support Centre (FBSC) ™ that I NOW wish to setup in Benin Republic.

I first conceived it in 2000 (2 years before my start-up year), and had ambitious plans to get funding to launch it in either Ibadan or Lagos, Nigeria.

Starting from 2003, I prepared business plans to get funding: I specifically recall getting used and dumped by a manager in the now defunct STB (Standard Trust Bank).

He got me to devote more than a month, of time, effort and money, to write a VERY comprehensive business plan using all the farm business contacts and information I had access to.

He did this was under the pretext of helping me submit my entry for a facility offered farm startups by the bank, that I’d come to enquire about. In fact I did all the writing based on the printed guidelines issue by the bank, which he gave me a copy of !

Sadly, the day I handed over the CDROM and printouts to him was the LAST day he ever picked my call. And when I visited the bank, I got turned back repeatedly at the security post, despite mentioning his name!

Undaunted I tried several other ways, as the years rolled by. One year I even participated in a national competition put together by a particular organization.

However, nothing came of that effort either. I will not bother to dwell on the fact that I saw a lot of “arrangee” (i.e. cheating) in the award of the funding prizes to so-called eventual winners.

The point I’m making here is that my experiences made me decide to look inwards for ideas of how to fund the start-up of my dream centre.

So, I resolved to use the web to achieve name/brand recognition for myself, as a provider of useful and reliable best practice solutions to Farm CEOs in a way that would enable me get taken seriously, when I eventually brought up the idea of launching this centre.

That’s why THIS layout plan, and my unconventional crowd funding announcement to my network of clients/past buyers and subscribers are now LIVE.

If you’re interested in learning more about what this centre will be doing for farm businesses, you can call me on +234-803-302-1263 or +229-66-122-136 to speak with me.

I will also be writing short posts as time goes on, explaining what each of the layout plan’s featured “elements” will entail.

For now, click here to read more about my plans to use this centre to help farmers achieve increased outputs and profits, with LESS effort.

About Tayo Solagbade’s Self-Development Academy (SDAc)

Tayo Solagbade’s SDAc is a multipreneurial mobile creative outfit specialized in combining low operational overheads, highly skilled manpower, intelligent use of technology and fluid partnerships/collaborations – as the need arises – with competent professionals to deliver premium quality services at affordable rates.

The SDAc’s vision is to be the foremost provider of products and services relevant to Self-Development, Workplace Performance Enhancement, Custom IT Solutions and Best Practice Systems Development in Africa – and one of the best in the world.

To achieve this, we’ve evolved a unique variant of a low-cost business model we found on the net. This model allows Tayo Solagbade to be the only full time employee of the SDA. We promote this model for adoption by persons wishing to successfully launch similar businesses but who lack access to “adequate” capital. Contact us to help you.


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Practical Livestock Feed Formulation Handbook

Available as a PDF ebook, and also as a spiral bound print manual (from me). Click here for details.

You can also get it as an PDF ebook via my online store.

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$82.5 USD to buy it from my online store (PDF download)

N8,000.00 [Eight Thousand Naira] for persons who wish to send payment direct to my bank account.

Payment of N50,000.00 gets you the physical handbook and software on CD with videos etc, PLUS practical one-on-one, in person training with me at a feed mill in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Excel-VB Driven Ration Formulator

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1. Click here to learn more about this app - watch demo videos etc

2. Click here to watch a 4 part video in which I demonstrate how to use this app to formulate rations using real life data sent to me by an Algerian PhD student.

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Click here to download a detailed PDF user guide and watch 15 screen shot user guide tutorials of the Monthly Poultry Farm Manager that I now offer Farm CEOs.

Click here to watch a screenshot demonstration of the Excel-VB Driven Poultry Farm Manager I built for a client farm business in Ekiti state, South West Nigeria.

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