Coaching Program for Farm Products Marketing Success (Verbatim Text Transcript of Introductory Video)

[Verbatim Video Transcript Text] It’s taken me about 9 years of serving farm CEOs to decide to offer this service. During this period I have interacted with farm CEOs of all kinds. Some are part-time farm owners, employed in high profile jobs like Oil companies and multinational manufactures.

Both the part-time and full time farm owners have told me, that finding profitable buyers, on a timely basis, for their products, remains a major challenge they face.

I’ve however noticed that many of them lack even the most basic sales and marketing know how, to successfully find buyers for their products.

Most don’t even want to concern themselves with the marketing and sales process for finding buyers.

Instead they depend on buyers who come to the farm/who tell others to do the same.

They hope that over time the word will spread, and more people will come.

This approach works, but most times it takes too long, and can yield unreliable results.

Among others things, they cannot b e sure of the sales they will get, or visits that will happen.

Some Farm CEOs even go as far as engaging 3rd parties to market their products to buyers.

The problem with the latter approach however is often that paying attractive commission to retain the services of competent agents can be difficult for a farm business.

In addition, the profit margins they get can vary, since many times they need the buyers who show up to help them clear out market-ready products, so they can free up space, and avoid losses from spoilage or in the case of livestock, excess maintenance expenses.

Very often most of them claim they want to focus on what the do best.

I’ve heard this said often. And it’s not a bad thing. However, one must avoid extremes, and instead strike an intelligent balance in doing it.

In other words I’m saying even as you focus on doing what you do best, you must not undercut yourself e.g. by failing to put in place a reliable system to get your products into the hands of those most equipped to give you best returns for it.

The importance of knowing and controlling your Cost Of Customer Acquisition (COCA) cannot be overemphasised in this regard.

Every time you choose a 3rd party to handle marketing of your farm products, you diminish the moderate profit margins due to you.

And if you’re not careful, this can undo you over time as such “losses” accumulate.

Few farm products emerge with enough room for such approaches to work.

This is why I strongly advocate that farm business owners take more direct responsibility for generating their own sales and marketing leads.

Even group activities for sales (e.g farmer cooperatives, associations etc) will not always serve the best interests of all the individual members.

Like everything else in society, it will often be useful for each person to explore independent avenues to achieving his/her sales and marketing goals.

The coaching program I offer is designed to help ANY willing farm business owner, setup and implement a self-sustaining and reliable system.

If you really want to make profits in today’s world, you must give buyers a good reason to buy from you instead of the other farm or retailer.

Why should they come to you? Your marketing system is what will determine that.

These are the issues you need to look at if you want to sell – and sell PROFITABLY.

Therefore, this coaching program is designed to teach every willing Farm CEO, the techniques and strategies they can use to develop and implement a system, to endlessly and effortless attract ready buyers, who will pay them profitably, for every single farm product they turn out.

Like I said it’s not something that happens overnight. It tends to be a process.

That is why you need a system to manage that process. Because you need something that can work outside of you even when you’re asleep to make it happen.

And it’s going to be a mix of different but complementary and self-sustaining strategies and techniques.

Those are things I teach in the DVD and in my live coaching interaction with you.

But there are basic principles you need to first understand, and which you will put to use on a daily basis. I explain them also on the DVD.

The crucial aspect of what you need to know will be the implementation of whatever you learn.

So first of all you need the foundation. You need to understand the concepts.

You need to understand the thinking that will help you achieve the kinds of sales you want from your farm.

And this will happen w ithout you having to chase buyers, or have people dictate unfair prices to buy your products…because they know there’s a glut!

You can actually – as a Farm Business Owner – have your product taken off you, at greatly profitable prices, almost without lifting a finger, IF you do everything I teach you in this program.

However, you’ll most likely need to undergo a complete reorientation with regard to marketing your farm products to achieve that outcome.

What I teach is based on the successes I’ve achieved in marketing and selling my products and services to buyers within and outside Africa.

Many people request my help, to find buyers for their products.

One especially popular article I wrote few years back is titled “Producing Good Catfish is Important. Finding Good Buyers Is Imperative”. It’s been responsible for over 80% of enquiries I’ve gotten in this regard.

To take this forward, engage me in developing an action plan that you can put to use…

This is what I offer. That’s the idea behind launching this coaching program.

I’m not going to offer to do everything for you, including finding buyers. That would be impractical, because I’m simply too busy for that.

Even if I wanted to therefore, I could not do it.

Apart from writing and publishing new content on my website, delivering products and services to clients, I also travel.

As a Location Independent Multipreneur I am travelling slowly across West Africa.

In the past year, I’ve been based in Benin Republic’s Cotonou. In a few weeks from now, I’ll be moving on to another West African nation’s capital.

But I can be available to work with you in a support capacity.

I have a growing number of Farm CEOs in my Farm Biz Ideas club who regularly communicate with me via phone, email, Facebook and even Skype.

Many have been sending me payment for my products for years. Today, I relate with them more as friends than as clients.

If you signup for my sales and marketing coaching program you get to enjoy similar benefits to these CEOs…

This flyer announces the Introductory Video for my new Sales and Marketing Coaching Program for Farm Business CEOs: Click to download the PowerPoint Slideshow version

This video you’re watching now offers you details you need to make up your mind about my offer.

To proceed beyond this point, you’ll need to signup for my Needs Analysis session.

24 to 48 hours after the session, I’ll send you the Sales and Marketing Action Plan report based on my assessment of your unique situation.

In other words, the questionnaire I administer to you will help me find out you exact circumstance, the nature of business you run. And the resources available to you, the environment in which you operate, as well as key challenges you’ve identified to be limiting your marketing success.

After that you can purchase the DVD if you’re impressed enough by what you’ve gotten up to that point.

Now, the DVD will contain video presentations that elaborate on ideas you will implement.

I will itemize and outline them. Each of the ideas you will be able to put to use on your own.

So what this means is that first of all I will be educating you.

I will also do some research from my end, using my contacts and my networks. And using what I learn, I would develop the sales and marketing action plan for you.

If you request it, I will then work with you on a support basis,as you implement the plan. Anytime you get stuck, you will be able to reach out to me.

If you do it right, it will only be a matter of time before you begin having PROFITABLE buyers coming to you, on their own, in increasing numbers.

NB: If frozen chicken can be transported from producers in one country to buyers across the world, it goes without saying that YOUR farm products can be purchased by buyers from virtually anywhere.

This will however happen ONLY if you know how to get the serious attention and interest of such buyers.

And this applies not just to chicken or poultry products, but to ANY other farm products.

Indeed any product whatsoever.

As long as they offer benefits potential buyers will be willing to pay for, you can successfully get buyers to go out of their way to offer you good money for your products.

It’s just about how you present yourself, and how you intelligently inform potential buyers about what you offer.

It doesn’t have much to do with your popularity. Instead it has more to do with how you reach out to people who can pay you what you want to buy your products.

And that’s what I teach in my coaching program.

Click here to download the Power Point slideshow version of my Introductory Video on this service. It contains additional details about how to signup for my coaching program.

NB: This article is a verbatim text transcript version of the Introductory Video for my new Sales and Marketing Coaching Program for Farm Business CEOs. It’s subtitled “How to Attract Profitable REPEAT Buyers for Your Farm Products – at ZERO COST!” (click to read article precursor).

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