An Indigenous African Church Leader Who Makes World Class Talking Automobiles (Incl. Engines!) From Scratch, Using Local Materials in Ghana: Meet Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo

I’ve been studying and researching him for some time now and have downloaded articles, videos and audios by reporters from BBC, Al Jazeera, AFP, CNN etc, based on visits they made to his facility in Ghana, to see his amazing locally made talking SUVs and other tech products like TVs that go off when you clap, and doors that speak when you knock and open ONLY if someone is in.

Over 2 decades ago, Ghana’s Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo began producing hand-built SUVs made using over 80% locally fabricated parts, including branded engine blocks molded in his foundry, using an ingenious process involving crushed palm kernel shells. Today, his Made-in-Ghana cars are gaining international attention.


Image credit/source: http://africarm.org/an-insight-into-the-world-of-kantanka-automobiles-the-history-present-and-the-future-2824/


Above: Apostle Dr. Safo (Photo credit: http://africarm.org/november-edition-vnovember-edition-apostle-dr-kwadwo-safo-the-hero-of-our-time-ideos-and-pictures-of-some-kantanka-products-1374/the-hope-of-africa/)

Click here to see search results done today, on Google.com using the string “Kantanka motors”

A true Man Of God!

The best thing about this man is that he continues to train thousands of Ghanaian youths in his hands-on training school, regardless of their religious beliefs or preference.

Note also that this Apostle’s church, with branches across Ghana is 100% indigenous and self funding via a chain of businesses from which he finances the motor manufacturing arm, and also give out scholarships and free homes to citizens in need.

Would you believe the dashboard, bumpers and other parts of the cars he and his team build are made from locally crafted wood and formica with superb finishing that mimics plastic used in imported cars but is much much cheaper?

In fact only the tires (and I think the radiators) used in his cars are imported. When he began years ago, he worked with a small team over 6 months to build one single SUV by hand.

I have watched one of the training videos. It is amazing.

If Nigeria’s Innoson – which mostly assembles imported cars – can adopt a similar strategy, he won’t be affected by lack of government patronage.

Apostle Safo was ignored by Government and private sector investors in his country for decades. Only in the last 3 years or so has he begun to get major attention from them.

Before then he refused to be discouraged and simply channeled funds from his multiple businesses into the car making.

Note that he does not hold a university degree in engineering!

Today, his son who is a licensed pilot runs the company and is now leading a move to export their unique range of cars, which now enjoy patronage from local celebrities and others.

Below: Links to the videos and audio interviews I found on the web in my search late last year (2015)



http://www.hulkshare.com/africarmorg/bbc-and-apostle-safo (BBC World Report – Audio Podcast)





https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9D9bD_DX5k&feature=player_embedded&list=PLgGkzD1gCVOg4hXEHCD15ZMGVxf6paQHQ (Kantanka Inventions exhibitions)

It’s amazing that Nigerians and Africans are not celebrating this guy, and sending people to learn from him!!!

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