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Updated: 14th July 2016


Get 2 Real Life Poultry Layer Farm Start-up Business Plans (PLUS Customization)!

[13th October 2014 - Cotonou, Benin Republic]

[Quick Take-Away: Fill/submit the form at the bottom of this page(click here), to request download links to FREE preview versions of the plans]

I now offer for sale - with a free customization service option - Two (2) Poultry Layer Farm Start-up Business Plans (prepared for/purchased by a client in South-West Nigeria).

The first is for funding of a 1,000 layer farm. The second is for funding of a 1,700 layer farm.

Both contain REAL LIFE data.

They were prepared for the client's use in approaching investors to part-fund his project with him, in exchange for agreed return on investment.

Screenshot of the 1,000 bird Poultry Layer Farm Business Plan I prepared and sent to a new client in Nigeria - click to read the article I wrote on it.

Email No. 1: Received 24 hours after I sent him the Full Business Plan

Screenshot of Email No. 1 - Received 24 hours after I sent him the Full Business Plan

Email No. 2: Received in the evening of the day after email No.1 arrived

Screenshot of Email No. 2 - Received in the evening of the day after email No.1 arrived

Email No. 3: Received about 7 hours after 2nd business plan was sent to him:

Screenshot of Email No. 3 - Received 24 hours after 2nd business plan was sent to him:

[Fill/submit the form at the bottom of this page(click here), to request download links to FREE preview versions of the plans]

I have now repackaged both FULL business plans as a 2-in-1 generic template bundle, to be sold to interested Farm CEOs (and those aspiring).

All personal information and references to the client have been removed and replaced with dummy labels - highlighted for you to easily modify to suit your needs.

Apart from the 2 plans, buyers of the business plans bundle will also get the following:

1. Two (2) MS Excel Cost Projections Workbooks

The workbook containng ALL the computation tables used to produce the tabulated cost and sales projections - and charts - included in EACH plan, will also be sent to EACH buyer.

2. My Poultry Farm Business Plan Preparation Support Service - at ZERO COST

I will also provide a free support service to customize ONE of the generic plans for use by EACH buyer in his/her target market (terms apply).

Central to fulfilment of this service will be the use of a questionnaire I will send to him/her.

You see, as a Location Independent Performance Improvement Specialist & Multipreneur, I often have to deliver products and services to clients remotely.

Most times I do NOT (cannot) meet face to face with them.

So, I use formal project questionnaires to get the information I need to deliver to meet the client's stated requirments.

Two Examples:

a. For instance, since 2006, I've used a Rapid Web design and Content Copywriting Questionnaire to get ALL the information I need to develop a comprehensive Web Marketing System (WMS) for my clients. And it's enabled me serve both locally and internationally.

b. Same applies to my Custom MS Excel-Visual Basic driven software development service, in which I use a questionnaire to accurately evaluate client needs, to deliver app that work for them.

Delivering my business plan preparation service for Poultry Farm owners (and those aspiring), works the same way...

I will administer a set of smart questions - like I did for the above mentioned client in Nigeria, to help you put the generic templates you buy from me, to use in the real world.

My questionnaire enables me to extract details about the client's vision, his/her current "situation/status", and other relevant information about the target market etc.

Provision is also made on it for the client to state any needs or requirements s/he has.

Note however, that I will ONLY do if free, for ONE business plan - even though I will be giving you both of my generic business plans with real life data (In other words, a fee becomes payable if I have to for MORE than one scenario).

You will advise me on the scale (startup funding and/or number of birds you wish to aim for etc), and I will then interview you to get everything I need.

Full details of how this works will be made available to EACH person who makes payment for the busines plan bundle.

[Fill/submit the form at the bottom of this page(click here), to request download links to FREE preview versions of the plans]

To access my busines plan preparation support service - at ZERO COST - simply purchase my generic 2-in-1 Poultry Layer Farm business plan template bundle (each is a full 24 page generic business plan with a one page micro version).

The Price Is N50, 000 (Fifty Thousand Naira).

If you are not familiar with the Nigerian Naira, you may use or to do a conversion to your currency.

For details of how to pay, fill/submit the form below

Once payment is confirmed, I will send you the zipped folder containing the bundle in an email.

You will be asked to REPLY to that email, with a YES, if you'd like to take up the free business plan preparation support service on offer to you.

If you say YES, another email will be sent with instructions about what you need to do next.

The questionnaire will enable me collect data for updating the dynamic projection tables in the MS Excel workbook, to customize the business plan for you.

It will also get responses relevant to the industry and market description etc, needed to complete other sections of the plan.

Once I have those back from you, I will customize the full plan, and produce a micro version (including putting in the name you want, logo etc).

Both will then be dispatched to YOU in editable MS Word format.

I will also send the MS Excel workbook containing all the projection tables updated with data obtained via your questionnaire responses (and other relevant sources).

When you get the finished resources, you will be free to make modifications or alterations as you may wish, to meet your unique needs.

It goes without saying that I will remain available to provide support whenever you need it.

[Fill/submit the form at the bottom of this page(click here), to request download links to FREE preview versions of the plans]

PS: Why Should You Believe ANYTHING I've Said Above?

Good question. And you probably should NOT believe me - since it's likely you don't know me...

But I will add that neither did MANY others who today are my clients, and benefit from the Cost-Saving Farm Business articles as well as products and services I've provided over a decade now!

Having said that, a useful way to determine if you should take me seriously is to carefully review other resources I offer. They are many, but the following offer compelling evidence of my competence...

A. My article titled "5 Powerful Tools for Accurately Measuring Your (Farm) Business’ Health" is published as a guest post at:

It ends with a download link offer to a "5PowerfulTools.xls" workbook which contains spreadsheet tables with formula for calculating each KPI tool discussed in the article.

What is noteworthy here is that the business plans I now offer for sale including computation of ALL of the 5 tools discussed in this article, for measuring a farm business' health - over a 3 year projected period! What's more, the MS Excel workbooks I offer with the plans allow you to use YOUR own data.

NB: Due to my domain name change from to - the links in those articles no longer work. I've informed the webmaster for (now about the need to change the URLs, but have gotten no response.

Having said that, e-mail me via tayo at tksola dot com and I will send you the "5PowerfulTools.xls" workbook , and a PDF version of the article as attachments.

B. My article titled "5 Essential Poultry Layer Farm Production Records" is also found as a guest post publihed in 2012 on (now

It highlights calculation methods for 5 important farm production records I recommend every poultry farmer diligently capture. Doing so will enable him/her take timely farm planning decisions that will result in the best possible performance.

The article ends with a download link offer to a "Figures1to4.xls" workbook which contains screenshots (4 of them) from different interfaces of my Excel-VB Driven Poultry Farm Manager software- click to watch 16 tutorial videos I created for users. [Last week, I raised the price of this app from N50,000 (N50k) to N75,000 (N75k) - FREE lifetime support, and upgrade remains available]

Again, due to my domain name change, the link in the guest post ("5 Essential Poultry Layer Farm Production Records") won't work. But if you e-mail me via tayo at tksola dot com, I will send you the workbook "Figures1to4.xls", and a PDF version of the article as email attachments.

C. What is probably been my most popular article titled: "Practical Farm Business Performance Calculations"

Incidentally, I built my Poultry Farm Manager software to automate the routine DAILY, WEEKLY and MONTHLY computation of the parameters described in the above mentioned article!

Hopefully, you can see a trend here. I did not just gate crash into doing. I have been at it for quite a while - and my work continues to add value to a widening range of farm business owners within and outside Africa.

YOU can become one of them - if you take up my offer!

[Fill/submit the form at the bottom of this page(click here), to request download links to FREE preview versions of the plans]

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