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Created: Monday 13th May 2013


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A Quick & Dirty Guide To English Language for French Speakers

Autorun CDROM for Part 1 (Greetings i.e. Salutation/Accueil) of the Quick & Dirty Guide to English Language for French Speakers...and to French Language for English Speakers)

a). Video you can playback repeatedly from start to finish

b). Excel workbook you can open and click individual phrases to listen, or print out to read.

c). 26 individual audio files you can listen to on your PC or mobile

Price: N5,000

Delivery = Via email download (zipped folder) or via CD/DVD - you pay for courier.

There are 9 other parts to be put on CD ROM (see below).

A video guide for users will be available on Youtube.

Purchasing a copy qualifies you to get 1 hour of free weekly coaching sessions (i.e. based on the products purchased) with me via Skype chat/phone or email.

For details of how to get your copy, fill/submit this form.

This guide comes with clickable phrases (see above) so you can hear audio recordings in which I pronounce the words. You also instantly see pictures, to aid your comprehension and practice.

Watch DEMONSTRATION New Version of my Quick & Dirty English-French Language Guide With Automatic Query Form That Plays Audio & Displays Photos


Part 2 covers: Nouns related/connected to (1) the Human body (2) Animals (3) School (4) Farm (5) Human Relations

Part 3 = Common verbs and their conjugations etc

Part 4 = Making enquiries (Renseignements)

Part 5 = Telling the time (Quelle heure est-il?)

Part 6 = Numerals, Days/Months/Years (Les jours de ,la semaine, les mois de l'année)

Part 7 = Market Transactions (Au marché)

Part 8 = Travelling Situations

Part 9 = Dining Situations

Part 10 = Simple Sentences, Emotional (and Idiomatic) Expressions, Proverbs etc.

Pictures of the objects or situations described appear - where relevant - when you click on the relevant phrase - just as you also hear the voices of my team members reading out the phrass, so you appreciate the correct pronunciation.

Proven 5 Step Formula for Learning ANY Language in 3 Months or LESS

In 1999, I attended a 3 month intensive course and then spent 3 weeks in Cameroon to improve my spoken French. That trip exposed to a lot of useful experiences. Read the most recent of many articles I've written to share some of the lessons I learnt:

I wrote the above ebook in 2002. It was based on my personal experiences gained while learning to speak French. You will find the tips I share in it useful, especially if you're an english speaker learning French. Hopefully, I'll be able to create a well translated version for French speakers to use.

It got me interviewed on NTA 2 Channel 5's Morning Ride. And I did not pay a kobo for that exposure. The Programmes Manager, Mr Tunde Fajemisin, was that impressed with it.

PUBLIC SPEAKING EXERCISE - To Aid French Speakers learning the English Language!

I'm planning a special event to be held here in Calavi (Benin Republic) for persons who purchase copes of this guide i.e. French speakers who want to learn to speak English.

They will write short (one page) speeches in their favoured French Language, and I will help them translate it to English. They will then be coached to deliver the English versions of their speeches to audiences as a way of helping them gain better grasp of the language.

This is an exercise I have personally benefitted from. My plan is to engage the support of sponsors - to publicise this event, to organise it for as many groups as are interested. If you're reading this, and would like to collaborate with me to make this happen, use the form below to get in touch.

Note that that this Workbook based guide is NOT a standard language learning resource.

I've called it a quick and dirty guide because that's what it is.

This workbook assumes you're willing to spend time sitting behind your PC (and also on your mobile) listening to audiios corresponding to clickable words and phrases, (and pictures that appear for relevant items).

It is mainly meant for people who want a basic introduction to get started speaking English or French. It provides a snapshot of basic vocabulary and expressions needed to functionally integrate into French or English speaking communities as quickly as possible.

It could be that you're a French speaking person from a Francophone country visiting Ghana or Nigeria on holidays. Or you could be a South African visiting one or more of the Francophone African countries (e.g. Togo) under the auspices of your organisation (or on private business).

Your efforts will be quickly rewarded. You will learn the right phrases or words to say in response to common queries and expressions. And you'll have a good idea of how to pronounce them, so you are easily understood.

I created it based on my personal experiences learning to speak French. My Proven 5 Step Formula for Learning ANY Language Ebook provides insights into how I learnt to speak, read and write French . Get details of it at


For details of how to get a copy of the guide (on CD/DVD or via download), send me a message via the form below

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Tayo K. Solagbade*

Location Independent Performance Improvement Specialist & Multipreneur

*Creator of the Mastering Adversity for Perpetual Success Achievement Coaching Program

Mobile: +234-803-302-1263 (in Nigeria) or +229-66-122-136 (in Benin Republic)

Tayo K. Solagbade is a Location Independent Performance Improvement Specialist and Multipreneur (i.e. a highly versatile/multi-skilled entrepreneur), with a bias for delivering Best Practice solutions to Farm Businesses and others.

Since 2002, he has earned multiple streams of income providing individuals and organizations with personal development training and coaching, custom MS Excel-VB solutions, web marketing systems/web hosting, freelance writing services, and best practice extension support services (for farm business owners).

Tayo is the author of the Self-Development (SD) Bible™ and the popular Livestock Feed Formulation Handbook. He is also the developer of its accompanying Excel-VB driven Ration Formulator™ and the Poultry Farm Manager™ software.

He has delivered talks/papers to audiences in various groups and organizations, including the Centre for Management Development, University of Lagos, Christ Baptist Church, Volunteer Corps, Tantalisers Fast Foods and others. In May 2012 he was the Guest Speaker at the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development’s Annual Semester Entrepreneurial Lecture at Yaba College of Technology in Lagos.

On 1st April 2013, Tayo (who reads, write and speaks the French language) relocated to Cotonou, Benin Republic to begin slowly traveling across the West African region.

His key purpose is to deliver talks, seminars and workshops on his key areas of focus and interest to interested audiences (Email tayo at tksola dot com for details).

In a previous life, before leaving to become self-employed, Tayo served for seven years (October 1994 to December 2001) as a high performing manager in Guinness Nigeria. He rose from Shift Brewer to Training & Technical Development Manager, and later acted in senior roles as Production Manager and Technical Manager.

In addition to constantly challenging the status quo and influencing positive work changes, he built a reputation for using self-taught spreadsheet programming skills (starting with Lotus 1-2-3, and later moving to Excel Visual Basic) - in his spare time - to develop Automated Spreadsheet Applications to computerize manual report generation processes in the departments he worked. Over four(4) of his applications were adopted for brewery level reporting.

Tayo holds a B.Sc degree in Agricultural Extension Services from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, having graduated top of his class - with Second Class Upper Division honors - in 1992. He is an Associate Member of the UK Institute & Guild of Brewing, a 1997 National Finalist of the Nigerian Institute of Management’s(NIM) Young Managers’ competition, a Certified Psychometric Test Administrator for Psytech UK, innovator of Spontaneous Coaching for Self-Development™ (SCfS-D™), and Founder of the Self-Development Academy (SDAc).

When he's not amazing clients with his superhuman skills (wink), Tayo works as the creative force behind his Daily Self-Development Nuggets blog - on which he also publishes The Farm CEO Weekly Newspaper (sent via email to paid subscribers) and his Weekly Performance Improvement IDEAS newsletter.

You can connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.

Visit Tayo Solagbade Dot Com, to download over over 10 performance improvement resources to boost your personal and work related productivity.


On 4th May 2014, Tayo's 9 year old domain (Spontaneousdevelopment dot com), which hosted his website, was taken over by

Within a few days however, Tayo used his advanced self-taught web development skills to build a SUPERIOR "reincarnation" of it the website

But updates are still ongoing to URLs bearing the old domain name in most of the over 1,000 web pages, and blog posts he's published.

If you experience any difficulties finding a page or document, email Tayo at tksola dot com.

Click "Tayo, What Happened to SpontaneousDevelopmentDotCom ?" to read a detailed narrative about how the above event occurred :-))

Here's an article Tayo wrote, to inspire others to defy adversity, and bounce back to even greater reckoning at what they do EVERY time:

And he wrote the one below, to explain why losing a domain name, no matter how old, NO LONGER determines your online success or otherwise:

A Proven Strategy to Find Profitable Buyers Regardless of Your Domain Name

View Tayo Solagbade's video tutorials and demonstrations on Facebook Productivity Tips, Web Marketing, and for his Custom MS Excel-VB driven software applicationsJoin the SD Nuggets community on Facebook.comConnect with Tayo on Twitter.comConnect with Tayo on Google PlusConnect with Tayo on

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View Tayo Solagbade's video tutorials and demonstrations on Facebook Productivity Tips, Web Marketing, and for his Custom MS Excel-VB driven software applicationsJoin the SD Nuggets community on Facebook.comConnect with Tayo on Twitter.comConnect with Tayo on Google PlusConnect with Tayo on
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