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Category: News
Published on Wednesday, 04 June 2014
Written by Tayo K. Solagbade

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What Happened to SpontaneousDevelopmentDotCom

Category: News
Published on Thursday, 22 May 2014
Written by Tayo K. Solagbade

If you've been following me online before May 2014, you most likely will want to know why I moved my website to

My first online presence was located on the primary domain And I built it up over a period of 9 years to one that generated high value income generating sales leads that won me clients within and outside Africa.

But on 4th May 2014, the 9 year old domain name - was taken over and made inactive by - a web host that I moved my website from 2 years ago, in protest about VERY base service and support they were giving me.

So this was not the first time I was getting a raw deal from that company. 

They demanded that I pay a penalty to get my domain name back. I bluntly refused to accept that condition. Instead I told them to keep the domain name, and instead decide to launch which I'd registered a year ago, to host ALL my online content previously linked to

That's how this website was born.

In case you wonder, I was not unaware of the considerable loss of sales leads giving up my old domain name implied. Especially given the VERY high search engine visibility it enjoyed. However, I knew I could rebuild my brand with even better focus by choosing 

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1. I Don't Need to Reproduce my Online Success (Why I Refused to Buy Back my 9 Year Old Domain)

2. Haters Cannot Change Your Destiny!

Take your time to explore the offers I make on this website. Over a decade of authentic real world experiences are at your disposal. If nothing else, take up my offer to give a FREE talk at your next event. Invite me to speak to members of your team or group.

PS: See the latest issue of my Weekly Speaking IDEAS Newsletter on the new version of my SD Nuggets blog at (note that it's also still work-in-progress).